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The Best Ecommerce Fulfillment Case Studies of Women-Owned Businesses

At DCL Logistics we work with many trendsetting brands. We love highlighting the great work our customers do to push the boundaries of their vertical.  

We’ve rounded up a few (out of many!) women-owned businesses that we work with. Here are some real-world examples of their unique business strategies and how DCL Logistics helps support their growth and success.  

Bella Beat Women Collaborating

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How maude Keeps Adding Retail Accounts 

A modern sexual wellness company, maude makes intimacy products that are accessible to all people. 

How Do You Manage Retail Fulfillment In-House?   

maude was managing their retail fulfillment all in-house and continuing to grow into more retail accounts.  

Shipping to dozens of retailers is rare for a medium sized startup. The more stores you’re in, the more complex your fulfillment operation becomes and their team was working overtime to meet demand.  

The maude team needed help managing the complexities of retail fulfillment to a wide variety of accounts. “Our retail strategy wasn’t to just focus on one type of retailer, but it was actually to see where we could be and how we could resonate,” says Éva Goicochea CEO and Founder of maude.  

How DCL Supports maude 

DCL leveraged our extensive retail fulfillment experience to help take over maude’s accounts. Because maude’s products are so accessibly they are a natural fit in many stores, even hotels. DCL helped broaden the places where maude products can be found.  

“At maude we recognize that whatever we’re putting out, whatever we’re communicating to the world is exactly how we think and act behind the scenes. We recognize that there has to be a symbiotic relationship between our branding and our fulfillment. What’s most important is that everyone gets the whole picture for the customer.” —Éva Goicochea, CEO and Founder of maude 

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How Willow Reduced Shipping Costs by 50%  

Willow makes an innovative, wearable breast pump that enables moms to move freely while pumping.  

“We embrace the challenges of modern parenthood, and our goal at Willow is to provide brilliant solutions to real-life problems faced in early motherhood,” says Naomi Kelman, Founder of Willow.  

When Do You Know You’re Overpaying On Shipping Costs? 

The team at Willow noticed their shipping fees and fulfillment costs were too high. The Director of Logistics at Willow, Mike Dalporto says “We could see that our shipping expenses and fulfillment costs, as a percentage of our sales, were really just too high. It was obvious that there was a problem that needed to be solved.”  

How DCL Supports Willow 

By reconfiguring and repackaging their kit, reducing the number of parcels per order, and switching carriers the Willow team reduced their shipping and fulfillment costs by 50%.   

Working closely with their dedicated DCL Logistics account team, Willow redesigned their packaging to allow their products to fit into a single parcel, both the breast pump kit and accessories were now shipped together. Cutting their freight costs significantly was a natural by-product because the kit carton was now 40% smaller and they were able to get roughly 35-40% more product into each shipping container from the overseas manufacturer.  

Lastly, there was a major reduction in fulfillment costs as a result of streamlining their parcel kitting and packaging. 

“We began to learn through DCL that our carrier choice, our kitting strategy, and our SLA were in direct contradiction to us saving money. DCL helped us compare new carriers and streamline our packaging to which ended up in significantly cutting those costs.” —Mike Dalporto, Director of Logistics at Willow 

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How Dame Continues to Scale and Grow Their Order Volume    

Dame produces well-engineered toys that enhance intimacy and pleasure. Co-founders Alexandera Fine and Janet Lieberman launched one of Indiegogo’s biggest grossing crowdfunding in its category and the company’s order growth never slowed. 

Dame vibrator

How Do You Keep Up With Order Volume Growth as a Startup? 

Skyrocketing growth can put a strain on production, which can cause fulfillment challenges that aren’t easily handled in-house. Dame’s in-house fulfillment became backlogged because of the strain on their team as volume grew higher and higher. They saw an uptick in incorrect orders and grumpy customers.  

“In the pick, pack and ship process, we don’t have to risk making errors. If we did it all in-house we would have more errors. DCL has been very accurate in getting the right things out and on time,” says Dirk Doebler, CFO and COO at Dame 

How DCL Supports Dame 

Finding the right fulfillment fit is so important when a company starts outsourcing. By handing over the fulfillment and logistics to DCL the Dame team had more time to focus on launching new products.  

“Partnering with DCL Logistics has enabled us to grow. Our volume has grown several orders of magnitude, and it was too much for us to deal with. Now, DCL will get through the backlog within a business day. We wouldn’t be able to do that on our own.” —Dirk Doebler, CFO and COO at Dame 

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How Bellabeat Improved Inventory Forecasting  

Wellness-tech company Bellabeat, is a lifestyle brand making an entirely new category within the wearables market: tech powered wellness tools for women. 

“We wanted to create a brand that inspires women to become the best version of themselves and empower them with knowledge about their bodies and health,” —Urska Srsen, CEO and Founder of Bellabeat  

Bella Beat Founder Urksa Srsen

When Do You Know You Need a More Reliable 3PL? 

After doing business with an unsatisfactory 3PL, Bellabeat needed a new fulfillment and logistics partner. Their order volume was growing quickly, and they needed a 3PL who could help them focus on more accurate forecasting and better customer service.  

How DCL Supports Bellabeat 

The DCL team works with growing startups all the time. DCL helped Bellabeat strategize their volume forecasting for more accuracy. They also adeptly delivered products to customers, accurately and on-time, with each new wave of spike in demand.  

“The biggest indicator of a good logistics provider is when they don’t mess up your orders—even if volume is getting really high, drops for a bit and gets really high again. When there’s stable growth it’s easy for everyone. In between it’s a rodeo show.” —Urska Srsen, CEO and Founder at Bellabeat 

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How Moxxly Got More Time to Focus on Product Innovation  

Moxxly, is a women-run startup who’ve built a discrete, hands-free breast pump kit. Not only do they intend to make a great product for women, but their aim is to give leaders and employers the ability to provide the Moxxly products for their new mom employees. 

Moxxly Breast Pump

How Do You Focus on Logistics When You’re Running a Startup? 

As a startup, the Moxxly team had to climb so many learning curves: fundraising, branding, getting through the FDA, building a product, and more. Logistics and warehousing were not on the top of their list and they knew they needed to partner with experts to get their products to customers accurately and on-time.  

How DCL Supports Moxxly 

The Moxxly team interviewed many 3PLs but found a great match for their growing needs in DCL Logistics. They saw that DCL has more modern order fulfillment tools and more of a growth-based, forward-looking business model than some other 3PLs.  

DCL helped Moxxly with fulfillment basics—pick, pack, and ship, plus things that were unique to Moxxly’s product needs—so that their team could return to focus on building the next generation of great products for women. 

“DCL has done the hard work to figure out how to make seamless logistics for companies.” —Moxxly CEO, Cara Delzer 

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