Bellabeat Leaf Wellness Tracker

How Bellabeat Improved Inventory Forecasting After Finding the Right Fulfillment Fit

Many of us have used health and activity monitors. Traditionally, these devices track daily calories burned, heart rate and sleep rhythms. But there is more to overall wellbeing than simply staying active or eating healthy. With an array of same-same products, the old model was in need of a fresh point of view. Enter wellness-tech company Bellabeat, a lifestyle brand that has created an entirely new category within the market: tech powered wellness tools for women.

“We wanted to create a brand that inspires women to become the best version of themselves and empower them with knowledge about their bodies and health,” said Bellabeat founder Urska Srsen. “Before Bellabeat, women were overlooked as both creators and users of tech. Health monitors were all cold, clunky and plastic—not designed for women.”

Finding the Right Fulfillment Provider Improves Customer Satisfaction

As an early-stage tech company that has experienced rapid growth, logistics and manufacturing were sticking points for Urska and her team.

“You have to learn from scratch,” she said. “There’s very little guidance out there. You have to find the right partners, but before you find them you have to find the wrong ones.”

After doing business with an unsatisfactory 3PL, Bellabeat’s logistics team began searching for a new partner. This time they focused more on understanding the user experience provided by potential partners, as well as more thoroughly checking references.

“It took many months to study the providers,” Urska said. “Luckily we decided on the right one: DCL Logistics. The difference was immediate.”

Urska says DCL Logistics has been invaluable in advising the Bellabeat team on volume forecasting and has adeptly delivered product with each new wave of spiked demand.

“When you grow your problems become bigger, and your forecasting isn’t precise, because you don’t know how fast you’re going to grow,” she said. “The biggest indicator of a good logistics provider is when they don’t mess up your orders—even if volume is getting really high, drops for a bit and gets really high again. When there’s stable growth it’s easy for everyone. In between it’s a rodeo show.”

Urska Srsen CEO at Bellabeat

Getting Real-Time Support Means More Time to Innovate

Bellabeat’s logistics team has also enjoyed the benefit of DCL’s personalized service.

“We have a project account manager who takes care of our issues individually,” Urska said. “Before, we had a huge problem with not knowing what was going on in the warehouses. Now we can have someone give us that information in real time.”

These days, with their logistics needs attended to, Bellabeat has plans to launch subscription-based health coaching software that ties in with the brand’s growing range of tracking products.

More About Bellabeat

Founded in 2014, Bellabeat creates beautifully designed wellness tools that integrates both mind and body metrics.

The Bellabeat health monitor, Leaf, can be clipped onto your shirt during sleep or workouts, as well as worn as a necklace pendant or wrap bracelet. Along with traditional tracking metrics, Leaf gives stress predictions, monitors meditation, menstrual cycles and more.

“We wanted to change the perspective on tracking: not just track health but improve women’s lifestyles … inspire them to focus on themselves and improve their health without the guilt tripping and pressure.” Urska said. “Women are not just interested in fitness, performance and losing weight. They see their health as a complete package and want to approach it that way. We wanted to design a system that caters to that. When we developed Leaf we integrated a menstrual cycle tracker. We were the first to do this, along with including other traditional features.”

As a lifestyle brand, Bellabeat creates experiences around health that get women excited about their wellbeing, providing accessories to fit their lives. A couple of these accessories include Spring — a smart water bottle — and Mist, an aromatherapy diffuser and Body, Mind and Soul Essential oils for meditation.

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