Dame Pleasure Devices

How Dame Leverages Flawless Fulfillment to Support Rapid Growth

In 2014, the Dame co-founders Alexandera Fine and Janet Lieberman launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign—it was one of the biggest grossing Indiegogo campaigns in its category for years to come. The growth of their company never slowed. In order to keep up with demand, Fine and Leiberman chose to partner with DCL Logistics to outsource their fulfillment.

How Outsourcing Fulfillment Limits Backorders

As you might imagine, skyrocketing growth can put a strain on production, which can in turn cause fulfillment challenges that aren’t easily handled in-house.  High growth brands often turn to third party logistics companies (3PLs) to outsource their inventory management and fulfillment to help keep up with demand.

“We’ve been backordered at times because we’ve grown so rapidly,” Doebler said. “When we have a significant amount of backorders, and the shipment comes in, I know DCL will get through the backlog within a business day. We wouldn’t be able to do that on our own.”

“We have grown substantially and are continuing to grow in volume. At first we were fulfilling things in house but it wasn’t efficient. Partnering with DCL Logistics has enabled us to grow. Our volume has grown several orders of magnitude, and it was too much for us to deal with.”

Dirk Doebler CFO and COO at Dame

Rapid Growth Needs Flawless Fulfillment

Not only has the Dame team had peace of mind as order volume has increased, but the faithfully accurate fulfillment has also been a boon to the business.

“In the pick, pack and ship process, we don’t have to risk making errors,” he said. “If we did it all in-house we would have more errors. DCL has been very accurate in getting the right things out and on time.”

Doebler anticipates that with their current forecast, and new products in the works, Dame sales will continue to grow in volume. DCL Logistics will be key to meeting those demands.

More About Dame

According to Alexandra Fine, men are twice as likely to orgasm than women and, in heterosexual couples, women are more than four times likelier to describe recent sex as unpleasurable. To close what she calls the “Pleasure Gap,” Fine and Mechanical Engineer Janet Lieberman designed Eva, a hands-free sex toy that stays in place using two flexible wings, which tuck under the labia. Eva has been designed to provide women the clitoral stimulation required to bridge the Pleasure Gap in a convenient way that is neither awkward or disruptive.

Scientific research and focus group data were used to prototype Eva. Lieberman, an MIT graduate, had previously worked for MakerBot – a manufacturer of desktop 3D printers. Using her knowledge of 3D printing, Lieberman was able to quickly and inexpensively figure out the optimal shape and design to make Eva a game changing product.

Learn more about Eva, and other Dame products, at https://www.dameproducts.com/.