Magic Spoon Cereal

How Magic Spoon Enhanced Customer Satisfaction with Virtual Bundles

eFactory enables just-in-time kitting for custom orders, and order management tracking for real-time issue resolution.

DCL Logistics customer Magic Spoon makes fun, flavored cereal with huge nutritional value—it’s healthy cereal that tastes like all your childhood favorites. Magic Spoon is a high velocity brand, eager to bring their product to as many cereal fans as possible.

They needed a 3PL with flexible solutions for their growing startup to respond to customer demand. Through partnering with DCL, they give their customers exactly what they want: flexible ordering, responsive real-time support, and a future full of delicious cereal.

Co-founder of Magic Spoon, Greg Sewitz, says “Honestly, what makes DCL different is their emphasis on technology and design, and their dedication to customer service. Their eFactory dashboard and platform is far more advanced than other 3PLs we’ve been with; you can get a real time view of everything. Meeting everyone who works there and seeing how much they care, it’s a nice change of pace from other 3PLs where we felt like we were just another cog in the wheel with boxes that had to be sent out.”

Ecommerce Case Study:

  • Problem: Magic Spoon customers wanted to add single items to their orders, and try out new flavors without committing to a 4-pack.
  • Solution: DCL’s fulfillment platform, eFactory, provides the Magic Spoon team virtual bundles which helps team coordinate just-in-time kitting for add-ons and custom orders.
  • Result: Magic Spoon customers can create orders to their specific taste at high volumes without sacrificing order accuracy.
Magic Spoon Cereal

Enabling Flexible Orders Gives Customers More Options

Magic Spoon customers were accustomed to a subscription model of four boxes of a single flavor in each order, but they wanted to be able to taste a variety of flavors at once. Working with DCL they were able to update their fulfillment strategy to allow customers to add items to their orders (like a two-pack or bowl set) at high volumes without sacrificing order accuracy.

Adding a cereal box to an order of four same-shaped cereal boxes means changes to the overbox size, the shipping size, as well as the weight. This creates a ripple effect of changes that need to be implemented: pallets need to be loaded differently with multiple sizes of boxes, and carriers need to be communicated with about weight changes as well.

DCL’s experience made this launch seamless, and Magic Spoon customers were happier with the result. Greg adds, “I think figuring out how to add smaller items to orders was challenging. But it was clear that everyone understood the goals of increasing our average order value, and giving customers more flexibility. It felt good that everyone was behind trying to work it out.”

We wanted to start giving customers the ability to add-on items to their order. It was something that we’ve been trying to work on for a while, and it had kind of been holding us back until we made the switch to DCL. We’d been holding off the launch of that feature and it was nice to finally get it live with DCL’s help.

Greg Sewitz Co-founder at Magic Spoon

Great Customer Support Relies on Real Time Order Management

DCL’s eFactory fulfillment platform is a key component to Magic Spoon’s customer service. Greg says, “We use it to check the stage of any certain order, if it’s been picked, if it’s been processed, if it’s been shipped, and also hold orders, edit orders.”

With real time data at their fingertips, the Magic Spoon team is well equipped to give customers an excellent experience. “It’s a super important tool for our customer service teams to have a really easy-to-use and well designed platform for them to do all this order management. They can re-ship lost items to customers, and track on-time shipments, and see how many orders have gone out that day. For our customer service agents it’s been an invaluable tool.”

Not only does eFactory help support existing customers, but Magic Spoon also uses it to execute gifting campaigns. During this pandemic, the team has donated 20,000 boxes of cereal to local food banks in New York City and other organizations. All orders, no matter the recipient, are managed through eFactory.

The Recipe for Growth—The Personal Touch of Understanding a Brand

The DCL client service team goes above and beyond to fully become part of their customer teams. They ensure they are available person-to-person to help Magic Spoon streamline their logistics and operations, but more than that to understand the brand.

Greg says, “I think the biggest thing is just they understand where the company is going, where our main sales channels are, how our website works, who our customers are—and that just flows through into new projects. They already have the background and context on our brand so they just sort of intuitively understand why we’re doing something. For example, we launched a Magic Spoon bowl and spoon set and they just totally got the appeal, because they interacted with our cereal before they’d tasted it.”

The ultimate reward from this integration and partnership is growth and scalability. When a customer can truly integrate and share their business strategy, DCL will be better able to help them move into bigger volumes and more sales channels. Greg shares, “They get the feelings we’re trying to evoke in our customers. It’s nice to know that everybody at DCL is onboard with what we’re doing, and they really care about our products and our customers.”

About Magic Spoon

A reimagined version of all your favorite childhood cereals, they are tasty and sweet, but so much more nutritious. Founders Greg and Gabi are both cereal lovers, but they searched for years to find a cereal that has the same addictive quality as those yummy ones from childhood but that actually fueled them for a healthy day. They found nothing, so they created their own.

Magic Spoon cereals come in a variety of flavors. They pack a great taste, are keto-friendly, with no grains or gluten. They have loads of protein and only a little natural sugar.