We provide our clients with bulk shipping discounts, freight optimization, and end-to-end freight management

Transportation Management

Selecting DCL Logistics to manage your freight business and contracts will deliver cost savings and operational efficiencies to your business. Our large annual package volumes provide DCL Logistics with substantial discounts from the carriers for both small parcel and bulk shipments (LTL) and as a result, we are able to improve pricing that customers would receive independently.

DCL Logistics maintains major contracts with all the rated carriers including UPS, Fedex, DHL, and CH Robinson to provide package and bulk freight services for domestic and international shipments including LTL and mail consolidation services. We can analyze your business model and make recommendations on types of service levels and carriers – recommendations that align with your objectives and keep shipping costs down.

Our seasoned team of distribution administrators will handle daily freight exceptions with the carriers, maintain routing guide compliance, and handle any claims processing. In addition, every shipment and its freight cost is trackable in eFactory, allowing for easy audit and reconciliation. From carrier sourcing and rate negotiation to mode optimization and on-going administration, choosing DCL Logistics to manage your freight ensures peace of mind.