When launching your business, returns are typically an afterthought.

Reverse Logistics

As your volume grows it becomes more critical to the bottom line and can be a strategic part of your business if managed correctly. DCL Logistics’ flexible returns management system, ReturnTrak, allows your customer service team to generate return authorizations and tie these to conditions and actions before the return even hits our docks.

We disposition returned inventory quickly allowing you to maximize the value of returned inventory assets. With rework and testing capability, DCL Logistics can triage and support various inventory dispositions.

ReturnTrak is a powerful tool allowing you to define multiple email instructions to your customer by aligning your return policy to the selected condition and reasons. The system’s most powerful attribute is that it’s both a data repository and a control center, giving you visibility to measure the effectiveness of your returns program and enabling you to make changes to the processes with a click of a button.

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