Reverse Logistics

What is Reverse Logistics?

Reverse logistics is the process after the product has reached the marketplace or customer and is then returned back to the manufacturing company. DCL Logistics provides a suite of services to manage the entire reverse logistics process.

Return Management from the Cloud

DCL Logistics provides a flexible, cloud-based returns management system, ReturnTrak, which allows your customer service team to generate return authorizations and tie these to conditions and actions before the return even hits our docks. The system’s most powerful attribute is that it’s both a data repository and a control center, giving you visibility to measure the effectiveness of your returns program and enabling you to make changes to the processes with a click of a button.

Reallocate Returned Inventory

DCL Logistics provides refurbishment and testing capabilities of returned products, allowing our customers to move their good inventory back into circulation quickly and cost effectively, while still maintaining the highest quality.