A Snapshot of 3PL Support through the Lens of Rylo

DCL Logistics provides high-touch fulfillment for premium brands, allowing them to scale without sacrificing quality or accruacy.

Rylo is a hand-held 360° camera with best-in-class stabilization and premier in-app editing software. When they started planning the launch of their business they knew they needed a reliable 3PL to set up their supply chain. 

Jim Thome, Head of Operations at Rylo says, “I think we had only a two week turn around, from when our products came in from the manufacturer to when they shipped out to customers. DCL gave us great flexibility there. We were able to fulfill our Rylo customer orders in time for the launch and the holiday season. It was really important for us.”

Ecommerce Case Study: Rylo

  • Problem: Rylo needed a 3PL with expertise in high-value electronics and international shipping to successfully launch their product.
  • Solution: DCL provided dedicated customer service to receive products from overseas, refresh and update all inventory, and still get products out the door in time for Rylo’s launch.
  • Result: Rylo customers got perfect delivery of their premium cameras, just as promised. 

Experts on Imports: Receiving Products Manufactured Internationally

Relying on DCL’s expertise to handle international products was important to the Rylo team. Jim mentioned, “We realized, early on, that by having our products assembled in Asia, we would need some place in the US in which to import them—to store them and then ship them out to our end customers. We knew before we even began that we needed that help with the logistics part of the supply chain.”

DCL has close relationships with freight forwarders who specialize in international freight shipping. These forwarders manage cargo shipping from the manufacturer to a 3PL fulfillment center, including the coordination of insurance and import documentation. Through DCL, Rylo works with Flexport, a leading Bay Area-based freight forwarder.  

We have good integration between Flexport and DCL which gives us confidence that once our products ship out from China they will land in the DCL warehouse. DCL’s help has been primarily with receiving of goods, and providing the warehouse support.

Jim Thome Head of Operations at Rylo

Warehouse Support: Quick-Turnaround Inventory Shipments  

It’s no secret that shipping a successful product is a challenge. Layered on top of the costs of manufacturing, storage, logistics and shipping, there is also the pressure to fulfill customer orders in a timely fashion, especially during important selling seasons.  

Rylo had a launch date planned and announced—pre-orders were full and the product was en route from the manufacturer. It was critical to fulfill customer orders from all channels in time for the holidays. Jim said, “I think we had only a two week turn around, from when we got our products into the country to when they shipped out to customers. We worked with our DCL account managers to ensure that this happened.  Jim mentioned, “It was helpful to have that flexibility. We were able to fulfill our Rylo customer orders in time for the launch and the holiday season. It was really important for us.

Also, Rylo needed to make some updates to their product packaging in advance of their launch in Best Buy. We worked with our DCL account managers, who brought us onsite to spend two days with our inventory, to make these critical updates and do the work we needed to do.”

At DCL, warehousing and customer support is something we do really well. We own the land our warehouses are on which gives our customers the freedom and flexibility to use the space as theirs when they need to. We understand that it can be critical to your product after it’s been shipped from the manufacturer, and before it goes to customers. Because Rylo stores their product at the DCL fulfillment center we were happy to bring them onsite at this critical time, to ensure they were shipping out the best possible product.

Rylo Ships to Best Buy!—Growing Into New B2B Sales Channels

Every retailer has their own set of guidelines for shipping into their channel. Because of DCL’s experience working with big box retailers, it was easy for Rylo to get setup and start working with their first B2R account.

“We had shipped to Amazon previously in November 2017, but Best Buy was our first B2B order shipped into a big box retailer. It has helped us grow our sales channels significantly,” said Jim.

DCL has a robust relationship with many retailers. Our EDI implementation can make shipping to a new channel feel seamless. EDI stands for Electronic Data Exchange, it helps streamline communication between all parts of the supply chain, retailers included. By connecting to a new retailer through a shared EDI, inventory and ordering can be automated. DCL has experience integrating with many retailers, both ecommerce and brick-and-mortar.

Jim said, “Working with someone who understood Best Buy’s routing guidelines and EDI integration was super helpful. DCL has a good reputation for helping smaller companies grow their sales channels from zero to actually shipping to retailers.”

More About Rylo

Rylo was founded by Alex Karpenko and Chris Cunningham, who draw experience from building iPhones, Instagram, and Hyperlapse. The Rylo team makes technology that connects you with your inner creative and doesn’t get in the way. Their hand-held camera allows anybody to create and share unbelievable video. The 5.8K 360 degree video capture has best-in-class stabilization and can easily go from shooting to sharing with premier app software on both iOS and android. Editing and sharing your videos doesn’t have to take time away from the adventures you want to capture!

Follow @rylo on Instagram for creative inspiration on great adventures and even better videos.

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