2022 Shipping Carrier Transit Times +Chart

Carriers transit time is the overall duration of time required for a package to get from a fulfillment center to its final destination. There are many factors that affect transit time, including the size and weight of the package, the zone it’s being shipped to (and the zone it’s being shipped from), and the carrier service. Most domestic shipping carriers have an estimated delivery time, which is the standard that they try to meet for any given service.

Why Should You Track Carrier Transit Time?

Delivery speed is one of the biggest ways customers evaluate their satisfaction when ordering online. Even though an ecommerce company has no control over delivery time once the product is in the shipping carrier’s hands, if a customer receives a package late or damaged, they will see it as the brand’s fault.

Transit times over the last two years have jumped around wildly as carriers have struggled to meet the surges in ecommerce growth and subsequent increase in small package shipments. Delivery times have crept up to two or three days outside of the estimated delivery time.

Follow the chart below (updated monthly) to track each carrier’s average transit times this year. Toggle through the chart to see different services tracked over time.

📦 Shipping News and Carrier Updates

Below we’ve listed out the big updates from each carrier, listed in chronological order.


National Rollout for New Service, Connect Local

Connect Local is a new USPS service that aims to provide low-cost, next day and same-day delivery to local regions for small businesses.

Currently a pilot service, offered only in Texas, The Postal Service is beginning to rollout their new Connect Local service nationwide. Announced in August of 2021, USPS posted more information on how the Connect service works.

Connect Local requires shippers to drop off packages at the local post office by a pre-determined time for it to be delivered later the same day. For packages that miss that cut-off time, they will be delivered the next day.

Read more here.


Suspended Domestic Express Freight Services

February 1 — Due to staff shortage as the Omicron variant of the coronavirus rise, FedEx announced a suspension of domestic express freight services, including FedEx two-day freight and FedEx three-day freight services.

Read the news here.

Announcing "Logistics as a Service"

January 24 — FedEx’s partnership with Microsoft is now extended to offer a cross-platform solution. This provides shippers with more data in an effort to help them meet rising ecommerce demand. FedEx is calling these new capabilities “logistics as a service.” 

Read the full press release here.