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On-Line Copy Corporation Merges with DCL Print Solutions

FREMONT, Calif. – March 14, 2018 – DCL Print Solutions, which provides print and marketing services for businesses in the technology and healthcare sector has merged with On-Line Copy Corporation, which provides media duplication and packaging services. The new entity has been renamed DCL Media & Print.

This is a merger of two sister companies that have worked together frequently in the past and offer many overlapping services. DCL Media & Print will now offer both print and marketing services and as well as media sourcing and duplication, all under one roof. Operations will remain uninterrupted for customers of both companies.

“Since both affiliates have similar service offerings and the types of customers we service are mainly in the Marketing function, it was logical to maximize the synergies by merging the two companies,” said Norman Tu, CEO of DCL Media & Print.

About DCL Media & Print

DCL Media & Print offers the following services: marketing fulfillment, print management, marketing portals, promotional products as well as media sourcing and duplication. Each service can be offered on its own or in combination to provide bundled solutions unique to our clients’ marketing and supply chain requirements. All services are provided under one roof, which enables DCL Media & Print to provide a vertically integrated supply chain solution. 

Customer Spotlight: Shout! Factory Revives the Shows We Love

What are your favorite TV shows and films? We all have favorites that, to us, are legendary. You might say we even “geek out” about them. The entertainment company, Shout! Factory, has built a name for itself by revitalizing this kind of pop culture entertainment: “the stuff you grew up on but never outgrew.”

The brand has released and revived many beloved cult films and classic TV series including the highly acclaimed TV show Freaks And Geeks, as well as the cult classic TV show Mystery Science Theater 3000, to name just a couple. The company sells Blu-ray and DVDs on its website, but what sets the products apart are the value-adds: fan flair.

High Volume, High Margin, High Touch

“With the Shout! Factory website we offer something people can’t get anywhere else,” said Kathy Callahan, Vice President of Digital Marketing at Shout! Factory. “We make exclusive add-ons to go with many of our products, such as a great DVD cover turned into a poster. These add-ons with purchase can also include collectible figures and bonus discs.”

While fan flair is no doubt a draw for Shout! Factory customers, DCL Logistics helps to further boost customer satisfaction with quick shipping.

“We ship what they can’t get anywhere else, and we ship it a little sooner than anyone else,” Callahan said.

Callahan describes DCL’s handling of Shout! products as high volume, high margin, and high touch.

“Our orders require an attention to detail that we’re not going to get from our other distribution centers,” she said.

Professionalism and Polish

Callahan says DCL keeps an open line of communication, with frequent phone calls, emails and a monthly conference call an open, supportive partnership. But perhaps her favorite aspects of working with DCL Logistics are the peace of mind and technology at her disposal.

“We visited several distribution centers and DCL’s process was leaps and bounds ahead of the previous solution we had for the Shout! website,” Callahan said. “The physical tech, cleanliness, and security at DCL were impressive. We also like having a dashboard that tells us what we have and when it shipped. Other companies didn’t have the sophisticated tech to let us know what was going on without us being in the physical space.”

So what does the future hold for Shout! Factory? Callahan says the company continues to acquire libraries and new films. Since Shout! is shifting towards becoming an independent film and TV studio, there’s a high probability of having more exclusive merchandise in the future. As she looks ahead, Callahan says she envisions that DCL Logistics will grow alongside of Shout! and continue to adapt to and meet Shout! Factory’s fulfillment needs.

Learn more about Shout! Factory, and find their products, at http://www.shoutfactory.com.

Customer Spotlight: iOgrapher Puts Filmmaking in Everyone’s Hands

Due to high resolution smartphone cameras and DSLR cameras with HD filming capabilities, filmmaking is now more accessible than ever. When high school film and media teacher David Basulto didn’t have enough cameras for students, he improvised and let them use their iPhones and iPads to film their projects. The work had great potential, but the images were shaky and the audio and lighting were horrible.

Basulto, a former Hollywood actor, filmmaker and producer, began to craft the idea of a stabilizing case that would hold an iPad or iPhone. With a 3D print design and the help of an engineer, iOgrapher was born.

The Product

The iOgrapher Filmmaking Case has handles on both sides for smooth handheld filming. It mounts to any standard tripod and allows room for a microphone, external lights and lenses.

Amelia Neverman, Director of Sales at iOgrapher, says film crews at news stations among other professionals use the case on the job.

“Our filmmaking case is innovative, new and affordable,” she said. “You can get a bundle for your school and start a TV station for $200 or less. You can get a good quality mic for $50 and do on-the-go shooting and live streaming. You can get people learning how to do filming on the go and edit now on your phone, starting from the beginning and putting it out into the world all in one day.”

iOgrapher began with one product for the iPad Mini and now has 20 products, including filmmaking cases for a range of iPhones and iPads, travel cases, mounts and other accessories. And, rounding out their offerings, they also re-sell 100 related products from other vendors.

Having grown to this degree in just three years, there were bound to be some hiccups along the way.

Growing Pains

“We’re a very small team,” Neverman said. “There has been a lot of trial and error and we have had a lot of growing pains for sure. Learning about logistics, shipping, timelines and all of that was critical. (Before finding DCL Logistics) we were working with an online fulfillment center and had a lot of problems. As we were growing and things were getting a lot busier, the fulfillment center was sending other vendors’ products to our clients. One time they shipped adult items to a school and another time they sent medical devices.”

The team at iOgrapher knew it was time to switch to a company that could keep up with the demand and so they started working with DCL Logistics around the holiday season.

“The previous company wasn’t up to our standards, “ Neverman said. “DCL did a great job of getting all of our products into the right hands. It was stressful to make the switch during the holidays but it was a successful holiday season. We really appreciated being able to contact someone directly instead of getting the runaround like we had with the other fulfillment company.”

Future Plans

iOgrapher currently has plans to create a universal filmmaking case for all versions of iPhone, as well as one that accommodates Android phones. Meanwhile Basulto continues to teach. However, these days he teaches customers smartphone filmmaking tricks, and various ways to use iOgrapher products, via social media and the company blog.

Learn more about iOgrapher, and find their products, at http://www.iographer.com.

Customer Spotlight: Occipital Brings Mixed Reality to the Masses

With emerging technologies, the fantasy worlds we experience two-dimensionally, through movies and video games, can now come to life mingling with reality before our very eyes. Occipital, based in San Francisco and Boulder, Co., is one of only a handful of companies that have innovated in mixed reality the merging of real and virtual worlds where physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real time.

To date, most people know about virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). VR replaces the real world with a simulated one, while AR enhances the perception of reality by superimposing a computer-generated image that is viewed with the real world as its backdrop.

Adam Rodnitzky, VP of Marketing at Occipital, says because it’s a tough technology to pull off not many people have yet had the chance to experience mixed reality.

On the Cutting Edge

“Our products are often cutting edge and, as a result, many of our customers are seeing this type of tech for the first time,” he said. “We started in 2008, with a goal to achieve compelling augmented reality on iPhones and Android phones. At the time, the performance of mobile devices wasn’t yet up to the task of making that happen. We realized that creating a mobile 3D sensor would give us the inputs we needed to achieve it.”

Occipital’s Structure Sensor is the first 3D sensor for mobile devices. When clipped to a compatible mobile device, it captures detailed, full-color 3D scans of objects or people. You can get the measurements in a room in just seconds or play mixed reality games where virtual elements are locked precisely to the real world around you.

Real World Applications

“Three-dimensional sensors aren’t anything new,” Rodnitzky said. “But what we had previously seen was big and not suited to mobile. Structure Sensor works on a smartphone or iPad. Medical professionals use this to measure body parts for orthotics, for example, and it’s useful for plastic surgery … helps people visualize what they’ll look like after a procedure.”

As well as having real-world applications, Structure Sensor also creates immersive experiences   when paired with Bridge Occipital’s mixed reality headset for the iPhone. With Bridge, virtual characters can enter our world and interact with our environment as if they were really there. Or we can enter and immerse ourselves in a virtual world, while still staying comfortably aware of ours.

Logistics a Key Consideration

No doubt Occipital has made a mark in the world of mixed reality. Its products are now distributed by a network of global resellers. As such, selecting the right shipping partner was a key decision.

“We ship globally and it creates logistical challenges, many of which we don’t want to manage ourselves,” Rodnitzky said. “We had gotten referrals from other companies who had a good experience with DCL. They’ve been good at working with us to make changes on the fly so we’re shipping properly configured products to our customers.”

After the Bridge Headset product launch, Occipital updated part of the design, which required changing a part on the device.

“There are some fulfillment partners that can’t do the short notice special projects that are required when you’re launching a new product,” Rodnitzky said. “DCL worked with us to be sure we changed the part, in every device we had in their inventory, while still meeting our shipping deadline.”

What’s to Come

With a team as creative and motivated as Occipital’s you can count on more cutting edge products to come.

“One of our biggest challenges is finding the time to do all the things we want to do,” Rodnitzky said. “We’re a very ambitious, highly motivated team … always having new ideas for more cutting edge products and pushing the envelope. But we’re meticulous and diligent about building great products. There’s no compromising on the approach.”

Which new technologies Occipital creates next is anyone’s guess. In the meantime, their flagship products are available at structure.io and bridge.occipital.com, as well as retail partners such as Amazon.com and B&H Photo Video.

Meet David Blain: Director of DCL Print Solutions and Purchasing

At DCL Logistics, we recognize our employees as our most important asset. In our new blog series, Spotlight, we’ll feature various DCL Logistics employees. You’ll get to know them a bit, as well as their role within the company, and get their take on the ever evolving 3PL industry. Follow along as we introduce the dedicated people whose daily efforts make our company a recognized leader in supply chain and logistics.

David BlainThe Paperless Revolution can’t be denied. Service providers, banks, hospitals and all manner of companies have moved their business online, seemingly leaving printing a thing of the past. The structure of the printing industry has no doubt evolved and, as a result, many printers have permanently closed their doors.

Over his 30 years in purchasing and print management, David Blain, Director of DCL Print Solutions and Purchasing, has seen this change first hand. Where once there was a lot of print waste, people are now more conscious of and want to curb wastefulness.

“Now, because of tech progress, people print a lot less … just what they need,” he said.

While this shift in people’s behavior has led to many failed businesses, a handful of companies have changed their model and become key players in the market. Along with DCL Print Solutions, David is riding the new wave of the print industry.

Adapting to the needs of the market, DCL Print Solutions specializes in small, print-on-demand runs.

“Our customers love the concept of print-on-demand. because they can order just what they need at that time,” David said. “Our client base includes technology, pharmaceutical and solar companies.”

The logistics side of DCL feeds the print side with customers who need branded boxes, marketing collateral and promotional products. Most everything is executed internally and all items can be bound, kitted, inventoried and shipped all under one roof.

“Our value proposition is, because DCL Print Solutions is under the DCL family of companies, lead times are shortened and accountability is tied to one partner,” David said. “As long as we provide a quality product, there is a synergy in having projects managed under one roof from printing to fulfillment.”

DCL Print Solutions’ marketing and product fulfillment activities are powered by client marketing portals, which empower customer administrators to establish budget tiers for their employees, roll out assets to be printed on demand, and inventory promotional items to be fulfilled to their sales force.

When he isn’t at work, David an avid tennis player can most likely be found on a court. With his longstanding career in purchasing, his role at DCL Print is pretty much Match Point. And while the digital age has caused instability in print management, David sees a bright future for companies, like DCL Logistics, that take a lean approach.

“Printing will never go away,” he said. “It’s just smaller and leaner.”

Meet Mike Schneider: VP of Operations

At DCL Logistics, we recognize our employees as our most important asset. In our new blog series, Spotlight, we’ll feature various DCL Logistics employees. You’ll get to know them a bit, as well as their role within the company, and get their take on the ever evolving 3PL industry. Follow along as we introduce the dedicated people whose daily efforts make our company a recognized leader in supply chain and logistics.

Mike SchneiderForty years ago people ordered goods from catalogs. The corduroy sports coat or flower patterned pinafore you couldn’t wait to get your hands on would arrive at your doorstep … eventually. Then a man named Fred Smith came along and changed the industry. Smith, the CEO and Founder of Federal Express, interrupted the game with the brand promise, “When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.”

“From that point on, the world changed,” said Mike Schneider, Vice President of Operations at DCL Logistics and a 38-year veteran of the supply chain industry. “Now people expect their packages overnight. UPS knew they had to compete and got into air freight. Then other companies like Amazon came along with much better services free two-day shipping. It changed the whole industry as we see it today. Customers expect so much more and we have to give them what they want now.”

At DCL Logistics, Mike oversees the four facilities and ensures that we maintain the efficiency and nimbleness customers expect in the pick, pack and ship process.

“We’re a unique 3PL — one that provides a boutique feel with enterprise scalability,” he said. “One of the reasons customers work with us is because we react and maintain quality. I’ve been in large operations and customers get lost in the mix. Our warehouses are just large enough that we can still give a personal touch to our customer and their customer.”

In an age where speed and economy are key, automation has become an important consideration in order processing. Mike says that for some of its higher volume clients, DCL Logistics is now using an automated picking system that simultaneously picks, kits and verifies.

“Rather than having one person to pick, another to kit and a third person to verify, the automated system lets us process orders more quickly,” he said. “We recently began using the automation in our Louisville warehouse and will be adding it throughout our facilities in the next couple of years. We are also experimenting with a number of operational projects that will continue to drive automation at DCL for the next decade.”

Other efforts to improve efficiency have required sweat equity and a team effort. When DCL needed more room in its Los Angeles facility, Mike and other operational leadership saw to it that the wide aisle storage was changed to very narrow aisle racking. Doing so gave the facility 30% more storage capacity and room to grow for the foreseeable future.

“It’s all about maximizing space while exceeding our operational metrics,” Mike said. “As the customer’s order activity grows, they know we’ll be able to get it out the door. The more efficient we are the more we’re able to serve the client.”

Outside of trekking from one of DCL’s four warehouses to the next, Mike’s traveling shoes are well worn. To date he has visited 47 states in the U.S., and has journeyed through Asia, Europe and Canada. Mike also has a home in Mexico where he likes to get away for fishing excursions and scuba diving in the coral reefs.

Meet Victoria Maddux: VP of Sales

At DCL Logistics, we recognize our employees as our most important asset. In our new blog series, Spotlight, we’ll feature various DCL Logistics employees. You’ll get to know them a bit, as well as their role within the company, and get their take on the ever evolving 3PL industry. Follow along as we introduce the dedicated people whose daily efforts make our company a recognized leader in supply chain and logistics.

It’s an exciting time at DCL Logistics, and over the past 20-plus years VP of Sales, Victoria Maddux, has seen a shifting tide in third party logistics. The future of 3PL appears to be e-commerce, which Victoria says is projected to grow by $4-trillion by 2020.

In the early days of her career, companies in the tech space produced 2 Million units of the same software, managed the assembly and kitting, and then sold it to distributors and retailers. By contrast, the majority of clients DCL partners with today are focused on consumer electronics and more recently the Internet of Things. While funding in tech has recently cooled, over the last few years there has been a strong uptick in investment money in the space, as well as a new means to gain access to money through crowd funding. These trends have given young visionaries and entrepreneurs opportunities to bring their vision and products to life.

“For us at DCL, it translates to a very exciting, amplified time for us, because that means we have unlimited opportunities to share our 34 years of knowledge, service and quality,” Victoria said.

Customer Collaboration

For the past 12, she has worked at DCL Logistics, training and leading the sales and account management teams, which mentor and manage the accounts daily. They have collaborative meetings with clients, educating them about backend logistics, and helping them to grow their businesses.

“You go from looking at each other as business partners to collaborating as an extension of their company,” she said. “The only way we can benefit future customers is to continue to train, enhance and elevate our internal team. Many team members are DCL veterans and have been with me every step of the way, so I know that they have the same passion and interest for their clients’ products as their clients do. When clients have a new opportunity, whether it’s opening up a new .com channel or launching a new product, there is a seamless flow of information sharing between the Account Management and Sales teams that allows us to successfully execute.”

One such example is an innovative customer that Victoria and her team helped to transition out of small-scale fulfillment company and while also launching an entirely new product to market.

“Within three months DCL aligned with the client and supported that release — the client hit their growth targets this year with the upside of generating positive cash flow for the first time,” she said. “It was a successful launch and now we have really become their strategic partner.”

Decades of Distinction

It’s that quality of service, plus having had more than three decades of success in the market, that sets DCL Logistics apart from other 3PLs.

“We have great customers — repeat customers — who have transitioned from one company to another … and they continue to seek our solution and return,” Victoria said. “There’s something to say for that in this industry. Most important is the knowledge that we’ve gleaned over the past 34 years, which allows us to consult solutions that are current, and apply them to new businesses we’ve seen transitioning.”

Playing to Win

When she’s not training and leading teams at DCL, Victoria finds other conquests to sink her teeth into: namely poker.

“I’m pretty competitive,” she said. “I like to read people and I love the game.”

In 2009 she was invited to participate in a No-Limit Hold‘Em poker event, which afforded her an all expenses paid trip to the City of Lights. To date Victoria makes three annual trips to Las Vegas to play poker.

Customer Spotlight: Nima, First Ever Portable Gluten Food Sensor

For most of us, life’s small challenges are often brushed off and forgotten. But some annoyances lead to innovative solutions that make us wonder why no one had thought of it before.

Introducing Nima

While at a friend’s wedding, gluten intolerant Shireen Yates realized she had forgotten her gluten-free snack pack, so she asked a waitress if the risotto ball appetizers were gluten-free. The waitress asked, “How allergic are you?” This was a response Shireen heard one too many times. She wished there was a quick way to test her food on the spot.

Shireen is now the CEO and co-founder of the San Francisco startup, Nima Labs a company that makes connected food sensors to bring peace of mind to meal time.

The company’s flagship product, Nima, is the first pocket-size sensor for gluten. It’s fast, easy to use, and its portability makes it convenient to test food anytime you’re out and about. Nima’s sensor uses chemistry to detect a protein in food at the parts per million level. It can test foods ranging from soups and sauces to fried items and baked goods. Just take a tiny sample of food, put it in a capsule, and put the capsule in Nima.

An added benefit, Nima comes with a companion iOS app. When users test foods at restaurants, the results are added to the community knowledge base, allowing others to know at a glance which foods on the menu are gluten free.

Complex Product Development Challenges

Developing the food sensor wasn’t an easy task.

Shireen says the challenge in creating Nima was finding a way to combine chemistry, mechanical and electrical engineering in a pint-sized package. Adding another layer of difficulty, typical gluten test kits take as long as 20 minutes to produce a result. Waiting that long at a restaurant would be downright inconvenient. The team had to find a way to shorten the wait, and that they did. Amazingly, Nima yields results in just three minutes.

“We had the best team who believed it could be done, and they didn’t give up,” Shireen said.

Products in Progress

The Nima Labs team is now developing sensors for other proteins. A portable peanut tester is planned for release toward the end of 2017. As well, milk and tree nuts sensors are planned for release in 2018. But detecting food allergens isn’t the only use for food sensors.

“After milk and tree nuts sensors, we’re looking at sugar, salt, fat and other nutrients and ingredients that people care about,” Shireen said. “Ultimately, we want to have a sensor for anything you care about, giving you better data about how you’re fueling your body.”

Growth in Partnership

DCL Logistics is proud to have Nima Labs on its roster of innovative clients. Shireen says DCL is playing a key role in helping Nima Labs scale and ship as the business expands to additional products and multiple sales channels.

“We wanted to work with an operation that understands the trials and tribulations of the typical consumer technology startup, and we felt as though DCL has the best balance of flexibility and scale. We are delighted to be in partnership with them and are looking forward to scaling our business,” says Shireen.

Nima is currently available online at NimaSensor.com. In the meantime, Nima Labs looks to distribute its products through other e-commerce platforms, as well as retail outlets, in the near future.

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