DCL Logistics Named Top 3PLs in 2024


DCL Logistics is listed as one of the top 3PLs in 2024, named by Multichannel Merchant. We’re thrilled to be on the list again this year. 

Multichannel Merchant is an industry resource for logistics and operations professionals. Every year their team compiles a list of the providers in the business.  

Browse the 2024 directory here to see which companies made the 2024 list.  

DCL’s Core Services: Flexible Fulfillment for High-Growth Ecommerce Brands 

We provide turnkey ecommerce fulfillment services for brands looking to scale their business. High-growth brands come to us for perfect order fulfillment, inventory management, returns support, and everything in between.  

Omnichannel Fulfillment for Trendsetting Brands

Our excellence with omnichannel fulfillment means we help brands grow into new sales channels as they expand their reach—from direct-to-consumer, retail, B2B, and international shipping, plus we’ve worked with online marketplaces like Amazon and others for years. We have a 99% accuracy rate on all fulfillment for every sales channel we serve.  

Best Fulfillment Software in the Industry  

Our tech stack is second-to-none in the industry. eFactory, our proprietary fulfillment platform helps brands manage their business from a single point of truth. They can connect to any retailers with a closed-based EDI portal, providing a dashboard of all EDI feeds and order history. DCL provides in-house technical support to set up and manage existing or custom integrations. 

Nationwide Presence of Warehouse for Faster, Cheaper Shipping 

We offer distributed inventory across the US. Shipping out of any of six, fully owned and operated warehouses, means brands can ship two-day to 22 US states. Read more about our newest site serving the East Coast.  

Transportation Experts to Help You Save on Shipping 

Optimize your shipping strategy with our team. Our team of transportation experts have worked in the industry for decades—serving for years at UPS, regional carriers, larger shipping companies and global retailers. They help our customers save an average of 18% on overall shipping costs—in 2023 they helped negotiate lower shipping surcharges for our clients.  

Looking for Custom Fulfillment? 

DCL is known for our custom fulfillment solutions. We offer a wide variety of value-added services, like kitting, assembly, postponement, packaging, special labeling, and more.  

Optimize your packaging with a special kitting project or offer your customers a new delight with custom gift messages. All our facilities are equipped to handle special projects like this, and we can flex to meet your ongoing needs.     

If you’re looking for fulfillment support or a reputable 3PL to partner with, we’d love to hear from you. Reach out to get a quote or read what our customers say about us.