DCL Logistics Expands US Warehouse Count to Include East Cost Facility in York, PA


The first orders officially shipped from DCL Logistics’ newest facility, located in York, Pennsylvania.

This is the sixth fully owned and operated facility under the DCL brand, truly completing a nationwide footprint of warehouses. Our customers can now guarantee next-day or two-day shipping to most regions in the US. 

“This expansion is a direct response to the amazing growth of our current brands. Throughout the pandemic we tracked our core brands at 66% annual order volume growth. That number is usually closer to 10-12% any given year. It’s our aim to help our brands distribute their inventory so that fulfillment can happen closer to their customers, saving them shipping costs and giving customers faster delivery times.”  

Dave Tu President of DCL Logistics  

About the York Warehouse 

The York warehouse is 125,000 square feet and is being custom-built with many automated systems, conveyance, robotics, and more. Located just 50 miles north of Baltimore, the facility is centrally situated between many major East Coast cities, giving our customers faster delivery times to New York, Boston, Washington D.C. and the Eastern South. 

  • Projected 10,000 packages shipped per day    
  • 2-day ground delivery to 22 states. 
  • Adjacent to major carrier hubs  
  • 10,000+ pallet locations  

All DCL’s warehouses (York included) follow the ISO 9001 certification regulations—adherence to quality is one of our top priorities.  

In order to foster an environment of unity and togetherness, the York team has been built up to match the core values of the rest of the DCL teams. We’ve moved some of our key employees from our other facilities to York to bolster our “People First” motto. 

“We are excited about the opening of DCL’s York, PA facility. It’s a state-of-the-art facility that helps meet our growing needs. It will allow us to reach the Northeast with two-day shipping, which is huge because that’s one of our largest customer regions.”  

Michael McCulloch Director of Logistics at Magic Spoon 

Why Did We Choose York? 

Faster Transit Times   

Approximately two thirds of DCL brands have more than 70% of their shipping addresses in states east of the Mississippi. When we opened our Louisville, Kentucky warehouse we were able to bridge that gap. Now with York there are even more East Coast regions that will get faster shipping times.   

To stay competitive in the ecommerce market, brands need fulfillment and logistics that can support customers’ expectations for 2-day shipping. Our objective at DCL is to give customers that market advantage by lowering the average zone (or miles travelled) per shipment resulting in faster delivery times and lower transportation costs for our customers.  

Offering Nationwide Distributed Inventory  

The DCL team aims to build customer inventory slowly in York, to maintain operational standards. Many DCL brands will eventually distribute inventory across our facilities in California, Kentucky, and now the East Coast.  

For customers with consistent and predictable volume, the ability to fulfil orders as close to their customer as possible is a big cost savings and promotes better customer satisfaction with faster delivery times.  

Cost Containment   

Operational costs continue to rise in the US, especially in California, and businesses are looking for lower costs. By choosing a location outside of big metropolitan areas we can build, source labor and infrastructure for less. Coupled with lower transportation costs, this will help mitigate rising costs for both DCL and our customers. 

“On behalf of the Manchester Township Board of Supervisors we look forward to partnering with DCL Logistics as a positive addition to our business community.”  

Timothy R. James Manager of the Manchester Township in York, Pennsylvania  

About DCL Logistics 

Founded in 1982, DCL Logistics supports high growth brands by offering turnkey fulfillment and logistics services.  We focus on customer service, quality, and technology to ensure we provide our clients hassle-free logistics experience.

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