DCL Logistics Awarded the 2023 Stevie ‘Achievement in Management’ Business Award


DCL Logistics has been awarded a 2023 Bronze Stevie “Achievement in Management – Business Services” for our use of robotics in fulfillment.  

Each year the Stevie American Business Awards grants awards to US companies for their achievement and contribution to their industry. The Stevie Management Awards recognize teams, managers, and individual executives who are leading their company in innovative ways.  

The DCL leadership team implemented robotic fulfillment stations to give our high-growth, ecommerce brands an edge in the market. This robotics solution provides more predictable and faster order throughput, a fixed costs for DCL and our customers. higher accuracy, speed and efficiency (both our customers and their end-customers), plus supplemented labor during COVID and the labor shortages.  

What Differentiates DCL Logistics? 

For most ecommerce businesses, order volume naturally fluctuates (sometimes quite drastically) seasonally, month-over-month, and even day-to-day. As a fulfillment provider it’s difficult to provide consistent and accurate fulfillment with these ebbs and flows.  

Why it’s difficult:  

  • It takes time to train people to accurately execute each customer’s station.
  • Labor shortages in warehousing were a challenge, especially during the pandemic.
  • There is a learning curve for a person to execute each customer’s station accurately. 
  • Staffing appropriately is difficult when volume fluctuations aren’t always predictable. 
  • Executing a high volume or orders at the same station can get tiring for a person which results in errors. 

Efficiency, speed, and accuracy all drop when order volume fluctuates. Robotic picking arms were our answer to this problem. Robots help even out the flow of orders processed in our fulfillment centers and provide 100% accuracy on every order fulfilled.  

DCL’s robotics solution achieves:  

  • Longer working hours (no coffee breaks needed!) 
  • Programmable for complex picking (no more human error!) 
  • Ability to maintain more predictable order output (no extra labor costs for us or them!)  

Now the ecommerce brands that we support have improved customer satisfaction (no wrong orders, less returns) and more predictable fulfillment costs (no high fluctuation in order processing times) no matter their order volume.  

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What are the Stevie Business Awards?  

The Stevie Business Awards were created to generate public recognition of the achievements and positive contributions of organizations and business professionals worldwide. The categories are wide ranging, and businesses of all verticals are considered.  

The American Business Award category recognizes the achievements of businesses in all verticals, operating in the US.  

Looking for Custom Fulfillment? 

With 40 years of experience and many industry awards, DCL is known for our custom fulfillment solutions. We offer a wide variety of value-added services, like kitting, assembly, postponement, packaging, special labeling, and more.  

Optimize your packaging with a special kitting project or offer your customers a new delight with custom gift messages. All our facilities are equipped to handle special projects like this, and we can flex to meet your ongoing needs.  


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