DCL Logistics Turns 40!


This June marks a momentous milestone for our company, 40 years in business!  

In 1982 my father, Norman Tu, quit a very steady job at HP to begin a startup with his wife and brother called DisCopyLabs. It took a big leap of faith to launch a software duplication business, before floppy discs were a mainstream idea.  

Since then, I’m amazed at the growth and innovation of this company. We put together a timeline of our 40-year journey, and here are a few of the highlights. 

  • In 1986 we added assembly and distribution, making us one of a few fulfillment providers with three decades of experience distributing products to retailers and businesses.
  • In 1992 we were one of the largest software manufacturers in the US (if you purchased any anti-virus software in the 80s and 90s, it definitely came from a DCL warehouse!).
  • In 1997 we built one of the first fulfillment software platforms to help bring automation and efficiency to our customers.
  • In 2008 we were one of the first fulfillment centers in Northern California to implement solar panels to offset our carbon footprint. Today, five of our six facilities are powered by solar—we are dedicated to do our part to be carbon neutral.
  • In 2014 we expanded outside California by opening our largest warehouse in Louisville, Kentucky strategically located next to the UPS Worldport.
  • In 2022 we are opening a sixth facility on the East Coast to provide same-day and 2-day shipping to more regions. This year we expect our order volume to reach ten million shipments, from all six facilities, going to doorsteps across the globe.

As I look forward, I can only imagine the changes the next decade will bring. The rapid rise of omni-channel retail has already created huge growth for our industry. As a fulfillment provider we are centrally positioned within the flow of the supply chain, which makes our business integral to this next era of commerce.  

I believe that DCL’s roots will continue to help meet the needs of our customers and keep them competitive in the market. I know this because I see how our commitment to quality, our forward-thinking team, and our dedication to excellence has gotten us this far.  

As we mark this anniversary and accomplishments, our customers and employees are at the core of our celebration. With both a team dedicated to quality work every single day, and customers who have trendy, forward-thinking products changing the landscape of the market, I know we will continue to grow for many years to come.  



If you are seeking fulfillment or logistics support for your growing ecommerce brand reach out to us for a quote, we’d love to hear from you.