Fulfillment Case Studies for Brands in Emerging Industries — How to Get New Products into More Sales Channels

Brands in emerging markets rely on high quality fulfillment to ensure new customers have a great experience with their product. While product companies in competitive spaces are just trying to stand out, products that are the first of their kind require significant attention to the customer experience, and a large percentage of that comes from how the products get fulfilled.  

Here are three real-life examples of how quality fulfillment has helped emerging brands with new products scale and grow.  

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Fulfillment for Crypto Hardware: High Quality Fulfillment is Great for Pleasing a Critical Crowd  

Crypto is an industry filled with high expectations. It takes true commitment to quality assurance to be a reputable brand in that market. As a company making high-value hotspot miners, MNTD is a good example of how quality fulfillment helps boost a brand’s reputation, even among the most critical crowd.  

MNTD’s high-value, premium miner hotspots have more capacity than most mining hardware, plus they look really good doing it. Their product is premium. The MNTD team knew that their high-quality product needed top notch fulfillment and delivery to match. 

Fast delivery and premium fulfillment are how the MNTD team knew they would win over their industry. Roy de Geest, Director at MNTD explains, “Our number one goal was to have our products delivered quickly, because before people were always on waiting lists. But now we could ensure they would get it the next day, or at least a few days later.”  

With such high demand and a very small margin for mistakes, DCL was able to deploy all units quickly—the first product launch was over 6K units that sold out in 10 minutes. 

Quality fulfillment means more than just speed. MNTD was able to get the whole package with DCL. Their packaging and fulfilment fit their product branding and need for security.  

“We have an expensive product,” says Roy. “I think we made a good choice in our packing materials. We needed to make sure everything was secure because you never know how the carriers will treat the packages, you know.” 

Read the full MNTD case study.  

Getting Big Order Volume Out Quickly: How to Scale When You’re a High-Growth Brand 

In fulfillment-speak, “day zero” means there is no backlog of orders that needs to be processed. If you’re at “day one” when the warehouse closes for the day that means you still have a day’s worth of orders waiting to get processed, plus anymore that will come through overnight.   

High-growth brands know that partnering with a quality fulfillment provider can help them stay at day-zero much often. It’s particularly difficult to stay at day zero during times of high order volume, like the holidays for example. But a 3PL who can signals they have an efficient warehouse, orderly systems, and expert fulfillment methods, plus the appropriate amount of labor staffed to get the job done and orders out quickly.   

Therabody is a household name, but they still see very quick, high-growth especially during the holiday season. What makes it possible for them to continue to scale and grow is direct communication with their fulfillment team at DCL Logistics.  

Director of Operations at Therabody, Keith Lilley says, “The access that I have to my team makes this really easy for me. I have the phone numbers of a few key people who manage the Therabody account. And they pick up, that’s the best part. I can call any of them and they actually answer the phone, that’s the best part.”   

Having a dedicated and responsive team of experts sets DCL apart. It means the DCL team can help anticipate and meet Therabody’s needs as they arise. Keith says, “Most of the time it feels like DCL is better at our business than we are. And I love that.”  

This was proven during the 2021 holiday season, when Keith noticed several thousand orders had not dropped. It was the week before Thanksgiving, one of the biggest weeks for Therabody. Keith says, “It was our mistake, and I had to call DCL to address the issue and alert them that once we fixed it, the next day (Saturday) they were going to see this huge number and must dig out of the hole we created. Within 3 days, we were back to day zero.”   

Read the full Therabody case study.  

How Food Brands Get into Retail: Fulfillment That Gets Your New Products Noticed 

With the rise in digital grocery platforms, Chaz Flexman, CEO and Founder of Starday Foods, realized he could determine what type of products were in demand and then launch and scale them up much quicker.  

“I saw that companies selling on digital grocery outlets can get up to a level of scale with much more capital efficiency and operational efficiency than the traditional approach of getting into regional specialty stores and then scaling into big box grocery stores,” says Chaz.  

The only rub here was he didn’t know what products he would be launching in the future, so he needed a fulfillment partner with the flexibility to fulfill into any channel with accuracy, speed, and expertise.  

“What DCL excels at is flexibility. There are plenty of situations where a 3PL is in the exception management business. You want to do the same thing every time, but exceptions to the rule happen often, because that’s the world of physical products. Many people don’t understand the different processes that are put in place to help with the different levels of scale. There are things that come up, it’s not all a black and white situation. I think a big part of the partnership is being able to tackle things together.”   

Read the full Starday Foods case study.  


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