SKU Proliferation in Ecommerce Order Fulfillment and How to Manage It

If your ecommerce product business is looking to grow, one common way brands scale is by adding new items to their product line. This is known as SKU proliferation and it’s a great way to meet customer demand, extend customer loyalty, expand audience, and best of all, increase overall revenue.   

There is a downside to increasing the number of SKUs (stock keeping units) to your product line—it can be difficult to manage if your operations aren’t set up properly. Don’t let order accuracy diminish, packing and shipping issues go unchecked—here is more about SKU proliferation and how to manage it successfully.  

What is SKU Proliferation?  

SKU proliferation is simply the process of adding more products and product variations to the line of goods your ecommerce business sells. It can happen over time, or quickly depending on your business goals, seasonality and the market you’re in.   

The key to successfully adding SKUs without running into problems is to first streamline your operations and supply chain to ensure your business can handle the expansion without sacrificing quality or customer satisfaction