Warehouse Management Terms and Acronyms Ecommerce Brands Need to Know


If you are an ecommerce business outsourcing your fulfillment and logistics, you’ll probably hear your 3PL or operations team use many terms and acronyms that are unfamiliar to you.  

For those who work in a warehouse, they have an especially specific set of words and concepts they’ll use because of the specialty work they do and the equipment they use.  

This list is nowhere near exhaustive. Various industries may have other terms specific to their own operations, these are some of the most used warehouse management terms you may come across.  


A logistics strategy where incoming goods are immediately unloaded from an inbound shipment and loaded onto an outbound shipment with minimal storage time in the warehouse. Cross-docking reduces handling and storage costs. 

Cycle Count 

A periodic inventory counting method where a subset of inventory items is counted on a regular basis to ensure accurate inventory levels and identify discrepancies. A cycle count differs from a physical inventory count, which requires counting every unit in the warehouse—a more intensive process, but also a more accurate inventory counting method.