Integrations & Systems

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Integrations & Systems

What ecommerce platforms do you support?

We support the largest ecommerce platforms and ERP systems to seamlessly integrate with our systems. Some of the most popular technology platforms our customers' use include Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Amazon, Netsuite, Shipstation, and many more. We have a custom API and an in-house development team to build and manage custom solutions for our customers.


Is DCL certified by any industry standards organizations?

DCL has a dedicated quality management team who are responsible everyday for the accuracy of all DCL systems. They follow strict operational standards and report annually to the ISO 9001 certification process.

Our ISO 9001 certification establishes a high standard for quality management. The system documents process steps that, if followed, ensure our products and services meet customers’ expectations and specific regulatory requirements.

One of the core tenants of ISO is a corrective feedback system, which allows for error visibility and operational correctives to address the logged errors. Effectively, this provides a continuous improvement mechanism to maintain a high quality standard as well as a system to measure error rates.

ISO Certification