When to Use Flat Rate Shipping as an Ecommerce Business

Shipping costs make up a large percentage of the budget for every ecommerce business. When shipping fees get too high it can cut into overall profit margin. This is why ecommerce brands should analyze their shipping carrier’s performance regularly to ensure they are getting the most value from their carrier and shipping services.   

Choosing the best shipping service depends on the needs of your product and of your customers. There are many types of carriers to choose from, and some are known for specific services. USPS, for example, is well known for having a great flat rate shipping option. While FedEx and UPS also have flat rate options, USPS ships to more addresses in the US than any other carrier, and they also have consistently low rates.  

Shippers need to fully understand how flat rate shipping works, including its limitations, advantages, and when to use the service for optimal cost savings.  

The TL;DR on Flat Rate Shipping for Ecommerce Brands 

Flat Rate Shipping isn’t for all ecommerce brands. Here are some common features about the service as it relates to ecommerce shipping:  

  • Simplifies some aspects of packaging and shipping  
  • Provides a consistent shipping rate—no surprise fees  
  • Products may not be as secure due to limited box sizes and shapes 
  • Boxes or envelopes are not usually branded