What is FedEx One Rate?

Flat rate shipping can simplify the shipping process, provide cost predictability, and enhance the customer experience, making it a valuable option for ecommerce shippers.  

FedEx provides a flat rate option called FedEx One Rate. As one of the largest shipping carriers in the US, many ecommerce brands will be familiar with FedEx and the services they provide.  

There are many flat-rate shipping options available, and they aren’t all the same. Take a close look at each option before deciding which is the best shipping service for your ecommerce business—factor in your products, weight and size of packages, destination zip codes, customer needs, and overall brand growth.  

The Distinguishing characteristics of FedEx One Rate

  • Packaging options: FedEx Express packaging, envelopes, boxes, tubes are all available 
  • Regions covered: Domestic shipments within the US only, no international 
  • Shipping speed: Overnight, 2-day, or 3-day delivery.  
  • Weight limit: packages under 50 lbs., envelopes under 10 lbs. 

What is FedEx One Rate?

FedEx One Rate is the flat-rate shipping service offered by FedEx. Rates are determined based on the packaging type and the zone of the destination.  

With FedEx One Rate, customers can choose from a range of FedEx Express packaging options, such as envelopes, boxes, and tubes, which are all eligible for flat-rate pricing. These packaging options come in various sizes to accommodate different shipping needs.  

It’s worth noting that FedEx One Rate is specific to domestic shipments within the United States. For international shipments or shipments that don’t meet the size and weight criteria, FedEx offers other shipping options with different pricing structures. 

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Benefits of Shipping with FedEx One Rate

The greatest advantage of FedEx One Rate is a transparent pricing model. While some other flat-rate options have intricate pricing based on many factors, FedEx One rate is very straightforward. Match the type of packaging you’re using to one single price. This makes it an easy choice for customers looking for predictable shipping costs.  

FedEx One Rate is also less complex than some flat-rate shipping options. With pre-determined package sizes and costs, shippers will eliminate the need to weigh each package and calculate shipping charges based on distance, which can be time-consuming and complicated.  

For the most accurate and up-to-date information on FedEx One Rate see the FedEx page (including package types, costs, and zones) here 

Steps to Ship with FedEx One Rate

Determine the type of packaging that will best fit your product. FedEx has 12 predetermined options— envelopes, boxes, paks and tubes—from small to extra-large. You may need to re-think your kitting or dunnage strategy to help keep products secure. 

Identify the destination shipping zone.  

Select the delivery window you want, FedEx One Rate offers 1-, 2- or 3-day delivery options.  

Use the FedEx One Rate calculator or look through the rate chart for standard FedEx One Rate prices. 

When creating a label make sure FedEx One rate is noted.  

Drop off your package at one of 56,000+ locations or schedule a pickup.  

Bottom Line 

While there are many factors that affect your overall transportation costs, shipping doesn’t have to be one of them when you choose flat-rate shipping. If you work with a 3PL, fulfillment or logistics provider, consult with them before signing a contract for any new shipping service. There may be options for optimization that they may see more clearly than you.  


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