DCL Named One Of The Top 3PLs, 2021


The Multichannel Merchant list of top 3PLs of 2021 is out, and DCL Logistics is proud to be on it! 

A resource for omnichannel, retail, and ecommerce professionals, Multichannel Merchant provides industry insights. It’s a great platform that supplies logistics decision-makers the latest information on management, marketing, ecommerce, and operations. 

Each year Multichannel Merchant puts together a list of the best logistics and fulfillment providers in the business. Browse the list if you’re looking for this year’s industry best. 

What DCL Logistics Can Do For Your Brand?

DCL provides hassle-free fulfillment for high-growth brands looking for quality fulfillment at scale. We have decades of experience supporting trendsetting brands because we’ve managed their business from the beginning. We help our clients grow by dedicating ourselves to operational quality, modernization, and above all an excellent customer experience.

Ecommerce Fulfillment and Direct-to-Consumer Fulfillment

We provide turnkey ecommerce fulfillment services from order fulfillment to inventory management. Optimize your warehousing strategy with our team, we offer distributed inventory across the US. We have a 99% accuracy rate on all fulfillment, including same-day ecommerce shipping, 

Your customers expect their products to arrive quickly and accurately. We understand this and we have the systems, facilities, and operational experience to get your products out at scale and cost effectively.

Retail & B2B Logistics

DCL provides a variety of retail fulfillment and logistics services to successfully launch any retail or business-to-business rollout. With 40 years in the fulfillment and logistics business, DCL has the institutional knowledge and operational expertise to get your goods to all retailer fulfillment destination types—direct to stores, distribution centers, boutique stores or directly to end consumers. 

We provide a platform to connect to any retailers with a closed-based EDI portal, providing a dashboard of all EDI feeds and order history. The EDI portal allows you to manage and adjust your EDI connections and EDI orders. DCL provides in-house technical support to setup and manage existing or custom integrations.

Transportation Management

DCL Logistics maintains major contracts with all the rated carriers including UPS, Fedex, DHL, and CH Robinson to provide package and bulk freight services for domestic and international shipments, including LTL and mail consolidation services. 

DCL Logistics can manage your freight solutions and optimize to bring you cost savings, increased delivery speeds, and operational efficiencies. We save our clients an average of 33% and 21% on small parcel and LTL, respectively.

Reverse Logistics

RMAs no longer have to be a headache! We have turnkey services to manage the entire return process to keep your customers happy and maximize your inventory.

DCL provides a flexible, cloud-based returns management system, ReturnTrak, which allows your customer service team to generate return authorizations and tie these to conditions and actions before the return even hits our docks. We also offer refurbishment and testing capabilities of returned products, allowing our customers to move their good inventory back into circulation quickly and cost effectively, while still maintaining the highest quality.

Amazon Fulfillment Services

We support a variety of services to support our customers’ Amazon businesses for both Amazon Vendor and Seller Central.

Qualifying and executing business with Amazon is no simple task. DCL has over a decade of working with Amazon and we have an intimate knowledge of all their seller and vendor programs. We help our customers choose and optimize their Amazon programs to maximize their sales and profits.

Kitting & Assembly

Our kitting services allow you to decrease inventory space by kitting to stock or kitting on demand. All our facilities are equipped to handle kitting projects and we can flex to meet your ongoing kitting needs. We also provide customized packaging services. 

Kitting and assembly with DCL is aimed to accommodate your business’s unique needs for how items are shipped to your customers. 

If you’re looking for fulfillment support or a reputable 3PL to partner with, we’d love to hear from you. Read what our customers say about us.