DCL Named Top 3PL of 2022


Multichannel Merchant named DCL Logistics one of top 3PLs of the year. DCL has been on this list of top 3PLs in 2021 and 2017 as well. 

As one of the industry’s notable platforms for ecommerce and fulfillment resources, the Multichannel Merchant list of top 3PLs is an honor. 

Each year Multichannel Merchant puts together a list of the best logistics and fulfillment providers in the business. Browse this year’s list

Why do High-Growth Brands Work With DCL Logistics?

DCL has decades of experience providing quality fulfillment to high-growth brands. We support trendsetting brands because we’ve managed their business from the beginning. We help our clients grow by dedicating ourselves to operational quality, modernization, and above all an excellent customer experience.

How maude Gets into More Retailers Than the Average Brand

“At maude we recognize that whatever we’re putting out, whatever we’re communicating to the world is exactly how we think and act behind the scenes. We recognize that there has to be a symbiotic relationship between our branding and our fulfillment. What’s most important is that everyone gets the whole picture for the customer.”

Éva Goicochea CEO and Founder of maude

Shipping to dozens of retailers is rare for a medium sized startup. The more stores you’re in, the more complex your fulfillment operation becomes. To manage the varied retail relationships requires an abundance of communication and dedication.

DCL Logistics’ retail fulfillment and logistics services to successfully launch any retail or business-to-business rollout. With 40 years in the fulfillment and logistics business, DCL has the institutional knowledge and operational expertise to get your goods to all retailer fulfillment destination types—direct to stores, distribution centers, boutique stores or directly to end consumers. 

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How Magic Spoon Improved Customers' Experience with Virtual Bundles

“Honestly, what makes DCL different is their emphasis on technology and design, and their dedication to customer service. Their eFactory dashboard and platform is far more advanced than other 3PLs we’ve been with; you can get a real time view of everything. Meeting everyone who works there and seeing how much they care, it’s a nice change of pace from other 3PLs where we felt like we were just another cog in the wheel with boxes that had to be sent out.”

Greg Sewitz Co-founder at Magic Spoon

The team at Magic Spoon needed a 3PL with flexible solutions for their growing startup to respond to customer demand. Through partnering with DCL, they give their customers exactly what they want: flexible ordering, responsive real-time support, and a future full of delicious cereal.

Magic Spoon customers were accustomed to a subscription model of four boxes of a single flavor in each order, but they wanted to be able to taste a variety of flavors at once. Working with DCL they were able to update their fulfillment strategy to allow customers to add items to their orders (like a two-pack or bowl set) at high volumes without sacrificing order accuracy.

Adding a cereal box to an order of four same-shaped cereal boxes means changes to the overbox size, the shipping size, as well as the weight. This creates a ripple effect of changes that need to be implemented: pallets need to be loaded differently with multiple sizes of boxes, and carriers need to be communicated with about weight changes as well. DCL’s experience made this launch seamless, and Magic Spoon customers were happier with the result.

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“Being able to bundle products virtually was the biggest lifesaver! Before we could create virtual bundles we had to pre-kit all of our variety pack box options. Between the transit time to get new products to the warehouse and then building the kits, we were struggling to keep up with orders. Creating bundles in eFactory gives our customers the freedom to create any variety option, while giving us much better visibility of our inventory!”

Liz Lane Head of Operations at Magic Spoon

We’re Fulfillment Experts

DCL Logistics has 99.8% fulfillment accuracy. Whether it's DTC, B2B, Amazon, dropshipping, or getting into top retail partners, let us know how we can help you!

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How Willow Reduced Shipping and Fulfillment costs by 50% by Changing Their Packaging and Carrier Service

The team at Willow noticed their shipping fees and fulfillment costs were too high. Working closely with their dedicated DCL Logistics account team, they were able to see a 50% reduction in overall postage and fulfillment costs from 2019 to 2020. How did they manage to achieve such significant cost savings? By reconfiguring and repackaging their kit, reducing the number of parcels per order, and switching carriers—and fulfillment cost reduction was a natural byproduct.

After significantly reducing the size and weight of Willow’s parcels, it was a natural next step to reevaluate their carrier option to ensure the ground shipping costs were optimized to fit the new packaging. Mike says, “DCL and Willow worked with several carriers to identify the most optimal provider given the dimensions and distribution of our product.”

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“We could see that our shipping expenses and fulfillment costs, as a percentage of our sales, were really just too high. It was obvious that there was a problem that needed to be solved. We began to learn through DCL that our carrier choice, our kitting strategy, and our SLA were in direct contradiction to us saving money. The team at DCL assisted Willow in significantly cutting those costs.”

Mike Dalporto Director of Logistics at Willow

How Aura Frame Tripled Their Year-Over-Year Sales Volumes with New Dropshipping Accounts

In the last year, with the help of the DCL Logistics team, Aura Frames has more than tripled their year-over-year sales volumes. Aura was able to add multiple new dropship retail accounts, and send out their premium product to customers quickly, accurately, and with premium service.

Aura Frames is in many top retail stores and they are able to keep up with demand by dropshipping with many of these partners. In order to successfully ensure the retail partners and end-customers are happy, DCL works hard to get Aura Frames out quickly and accurately.

By working together, DCL and the Aura team have been able to decrease the latency between products arriving from the manufacturer and going out to the customer.

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“The speed of dropshipping is a big cost saver. Anything we can turn around more quickly, reduces or eliminates the need to bring things in by air. So if we’re talking about bringing in a pallet of units by ocean versus bringing in a pallet of units by air, you’re talking about an order of magnitude difference of cost. It ends up being a tremendous cash savings.”

Josh Auerbach Chief Operating Officer at Aura Frame

More About DCL Logistics 

We provide turnkey ecommerce fulfillment services from order fulfillment to inventory management. Optimize your warehousing strategy with our team, we offer distributed inventory across the US. We have a 99% accuracy rate on all fulfillment, including same-day ecommerce shipping, 

Our team fulfills household name-brand products because we’ve provided quality fulfillment to trendsetting businesses from when they were small. High-growth brands choose DCL Logistics because we provide quality fulfillment at scale.  


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