Every box shipped is an extension of your brand in the eyes of your customer.

Ecommerce & Direct-to-Consumer Fulfillment

At DCL Logistics, we understand this and we take pride in ensuring that this delivery experience starts at the fulfillment center. You have the choice to customize your packing slip and brand your own shipping box.

Whether you ship 5 orders a day or 5,000 orders a day, are in a seasonal slowdown or launching a Black Friday campaign, it doesn’t matter to us - every order goes out the same day and error free. We also offer additional value-adds such as product assortments, gift cards, return labels, labeling and special bundling.

We are integrated with all the major shopping carts and have an extensible IT architecture allowing us to quickly integrate with any others. eFactory gives you transparency to all fulfillment activities in our facility from inventory levels to order level detail such as tracking and freight costs.

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