Fulfillment with Lumi

Technology Partner

Lumi Integration Solutions

DCL Logistics provides turnkey integration for customers seeking Lumi services and products. Lumi is a marketplace connecting ecommerce merchants with supply chain vendors and suppliers.

The team at DCL Logistics will walk you through the entire integration process with the Lumi platform. Seamlessly get access to quality fulfillment with DCL and printing suppliers through Lumi.

What is Lumi and how does their platform it work?

Lumi makes collaborating with packaging and printing suppliers simple. Ecommerce merchants can source suppliers, verify and track their orders, compare quotes from multiple suppliers at once, and manage communication, all in one place.

  • Instantly submit a request to all the suppliers that match your needs.
  • Explore rich data about each supplier’s performance, certifications, and capabilities.
  • Communicate directly with suppliers about specific quotes and order items in Lumi.
  • Get complete transparency into the cost of your packaging, directly from the manufacturer.
  • Store packaging data in intricate detail using Lumi’s powerful data format.
  • Get access to a comprehensive directory of suppliers.