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Syng Reaches High-End Customers with DCL’s High-Touch Fulfillment

DCL’s commitment to quality and service is exactly what helps keep Syng customers happy.

Syng, the world’s first home spatial-audio company, was founded in 2018 by Christopher Stringer after 20 years of designing iconic, culture shifting products at Apple. Driven by a vision to unify a century of audio formats and sources into one completely immersive listening experience, they have developed technology that tailor fits any artist’s composition within any listening environment, enabling the listener to truly feel audio, encompassed by it entirely.

As a premium audio company, the Syng team knew they needed a full-service fulfillment partner to support their high-end product. They needed specialized assembly and kitting, customized inventory management, and ultimately high-touch support to satisfy their high-end customers.

“I was well-aware of DCL’s ability to handle high volume ordering, tight service levels, and high expectations. Our product has a lot of high-touch requirements, so the bar is set very high. I knew that we needed a partner who could live up to those expectations,” says Matt Simmons, Director of Supply Chain at Syng.

DCL’s commitment to quality and service is exactly what helps keep Syng customers happy. From same-day fulfillment to limited edition inventory tracking, DCL ships out Syng products exactly how the Syng team wants, each and every order.

Ecommerce Case Study: Syng

  • Problem: Syng needed very specific and detailed assembly and kitting for the launch of their high-value audio sound systems. 
  • Solution: DCL provides high-touch fulfillment and premium quality standards means each order that gets shipped out is exactly the same. 
  • Result: Syng’s high-end customers get products shipped to them with premium care, exactly as they expect.  
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Commitment to Quality Service Levels for Same-Day Service

With high-end customers the stakes are higher to meet expectations. Products need to be picked and packed quickly to meet consumer’s standards. Matt says, “The nature of our customer base is a lot of high net worth folks and we want to make sure that they receive the product with the best experience. We need more premium and high-touch service than other consumer products.”  

Syng products need to be packed in a very particular way. There are multiple parts that need to be assembled. The orientations of the labels need to be correct. Delivery confirmation is required as well. 

“We do not buy our products as a final, finished product from our factory—it doesn’t ship already assembled,” Matt explains. “We buy the stands from one supplier and the speaker comes from another supplier. “When we came to DCL we knew we needed help not only with shipping and fulfillment but also product kitting and assembly. DCL was very willing to partner with us, and to make it work to our standards,” says Matt

DCL is accustomed to customized fulfillment solutions for high-value products that need to be packed perfectly every single order. 

The service level at DCL was a huge selling point. When you have a premium product, in today’s world, it’s highly important for your customers to be able to place an order by noon, and have it shipped that very same day. DCL’s commitment to service levels—being able to build the product and make sure that it ships same-day—was a big one for us.

Matt Simmons Director of Supply Chain at Syng

Customized Inventory Tracking for Limited Edition Sales

DCL helped Syng fulfill their very first pre-sale orders. In the first month thet had over 300 orders that needed to go to highly important investors, and friends and family of the Syng company. 

To simplify their order management, DCL created a unique SKU for the pre-sale orders only. This created customization and numbering for each order going to someone on the VIP list. 

Matt says, “It was like a limited edition run. I knew how important it would be to fulfill those orders as smoothly as possible. DCL’s creative solution solved something that not only needed to be done, but that we needed done perfectly.”

Perfect Order Management Tools to Manage Your Business

The ability to track all orders in one place is a game-changer for a high-growth brand like Syng. The Syng team relies on DCL’s proprietary platform, eFactory, to track and manage their orders; eFactory provides them with everything they need to get products to customers and resolve order issues quickly and efficiently. 

“What really helped us choose DCL was seeing eFactory.” Matt says, “The demo showed real-time capabilities—order volume, ecommerce connections, reporting, business management dashboards, orders by region and shipping method, reporting that is usable for our team. It was a big selling point because we could see the data, it was tangible.” 

Matt continues, “The ability to log into a system and see everything at your fingertips is hugely important for me. So many ERP systems are great, but you really need to put a lot of time into building and customizing them to get the data you need. Whereas with eFactory, it’s all already there, it is available right away. I can manage orders by channel, by order volume, by day—I can see potential backorders.” 

eFactory is built by operators, for operators, and it shows. Matt says, “The fact DCL can explain the technical details to our whole team, and walk us through the specifics, that’s a place where other potential vendors really struggled.”

About Syng

Syng is an audio company building sound for the future. Their products use an entirely new object-based sonic architecture that can play any format of recorded sound and make it tangible. Syng products are the next generation of audio. Syng Founder and Chief Design Officer, Christopher Stringer worked at the company for 22 years designing many notable Apple products.