Ecommerce Holiday Planning and Fulfillment Trends for Peak Season

Ecommerce is a booming business, and brands who sell online should begin holiday sales preparations far in advance to ensure their operations can meet customer satisfaction. 

While seasonality may dictate different holiday sales spikes for different ecommerce verticals, Black Friday and Cyber Week are still the biggest shopping and sales days of the year for many ecommerce brands. Forbes reported that customers spent $9.8 billion on Black Friday in 2023 which was a 7.5% year-over-year increase. Any recent economic discouragement in the US economy did not slow down spending habits last year.  

Before planning yoru sales and marketing campaigns, it’s important to take stock of global trends to better understand how consumers might be buying this coming season. Here are a few trends and predictions to help high-growth ecommerce brands plan their holiday forecasts and sales efforts this year.  

Ecommerce Holiday Trends TL;DR 

  • Omnichannel sales are now broader than ever, ensure your operations can support.  
  • How to prepare for demand surcharges and total shipping costs.
  • The buyer journey is a great place to increase AOV, but needs to be quick.  
  • Get more sustainable, but watch out for greenwashing.  
  • Ecommerce is more international than ever, understand how you’ll respond to requests from abroad.  
  • Using AI to streamline the customer experience.