Navigating Ecommerce Seasonality: How to Choose the Best Sales Season to Maximize Profitability

While Christmas, Black Friday and Cyber Monday dominate sales for many ecommerce businesses, it can be expensive to sell during such a saturated and competitive time of year. Shipping fees and surcharges often increase leaving brands who offer promotions or discounts during that time with slim profit margins.  

Add to that many fulfillment providers may have fee increases during the holiday season—extra charges extra for over-time, specialty projects, and more. 

Brands that want to maximize profitability should analyze their online sales fluctuations, product mix, and target audience and consider pushing sales at alternative times of the year.  

Which Holidays are Best to Optimize Ecommerce Seasonality  

Choosing a non-Christmas holiday for your company’s peak season will depend largely on two factors: the type of goods you sell and your ideal customer. For example, seasonal sales of pool toys will have more conversion rate success during summer months and in warm regions, than trying to sell to cold-climate customers during the winter.  

Mother’s Day  

The second biggest selling time of the year is for Mother’s Day. Beyond just gifts for Mom, this time of year brings online shopping interest in summer activity items, outdoor gear, gardening products, patio accessories, and warm weather goods like beach hats and swimsuits.