5 Vital Roles of 3PL Logistics in the Supply Chain


It is critical to invest wisely in your ecommerce business to make it a continued success. There is always one constant factor to consider – the consumer. One of the major aspects of a business is the process of getting your finished product across to the end-consumer. All businesses have to pass through the supply chain from the producer, to the supplier, and finally the all important customer’s doorstep.

Supply Chain and Logistics

The supply chain can almost be considered as the most important factor of your business because it creates the link between your business that you have built and invested in products/goods and services. You have to invest wisely in your main connection as far as who will facilitate the transfer of goods along the supply chain. This is where 3PL plays a role. Logistics is a portion of supply chain management that completes the movement of products, services, information, and finances, from raw material to its final consumer.

What is a 3PL Logistics Provider?

A 3PL (third-party logistics) is the process of procuring your logistics solutions to a dependable logistics and transportation company. As a business owner, a 3PL company shouldn’t just be your middleman but also an actual reliable partner. Third-party logistics will save you cost in the long run and greatly increase your business with the many benefits that partnering with one will offer. 3PL logistics enables various warehousing processes, distribution of numerous raw materials and finished products, a unification between freight and customs, proper haul management to customers, excellent order fulfillment, and handling both inbound and outbound cargo.

Some benefits derived from 3PL logistics include expedited shipping of goods to their destination, increased accuracy when it comes to inventory management, while not necessarily requiring a large initial capital outlay, They also provide refined cargo tracking, and accurate delivery of shipments without having to deal with the hassle of managing the process yourself.

Below are some of the important roles played by a 3PL logistics provider in the successful management of every business’s supply chain.

Industry Insight:

If you’re on the hunt for a great 3PL use this comprehensive list of questions to vet your fulfillment provider. It covers everything from facilities and operations, to technology, to customer service, and much more.

5 Vital Roles of 3PL in Supply Chain

1. Concentrating on Core Competencies

Partnering with a 3PL will enable you to zero in on your company’s key accomplishments rather than being bothered with tasks which need to be dealt with, but aren’t really core competencies of your company. This way, your business will benefit from 3PL logistics expertise and not have to worry about making use of internal resources like staff, transportation, order fulfillment, and warehouse space.

2. Access to Highly Skilled Experts in the Industry

If you are looking to expand your business internationally, then a 3PL logistics company will literally hold your hand and guide you towards making the best decision. This is because they have high level expertise in how the international market works, if your product will be greeted with open arms, or even the various pricing systems. A 3PL provider has the knowledge and experience to advise you on where and where not to pursue expansion. They are knowledgeable in matters such as international compliance and economic regulations, freight information, transport documentation, import, and export. A 3PL will assess all the phases in your supply chain, make you avoid costly mistakes, identify recurring problems, enhance and make them better. They basically make your entry into the international market smooth and stress free.

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3. Ability to Adapt and Adjust to Decreases and Increases in Sales

Third-party logistics providers enable your company to adjust and either expand or contract if there happens to be a decrease or increase in the market prices. They provide you with the industry’s best practices according to what the market is saying. You will be able to make use of supply and demand resources so no huge loss is incurred if there is a drop in prices, nor would you lag behind when there’s an influx of demand. Most 3PL companies always make investments in technologies. This allows them to adjust and modify their operations according to the latest tech advancements in the field of logistics.

4. Saves You Time and Money

Outsourcing order fulfillment to a third-party logistics helps to cut down on cost and save valuable time. Instead of making use of the limited network of your company’s internal logistics operation and services, a 3PL will help you minimize the costs of your supply chain management and even be able to offer discounts along the way. They help you save cost on making huge infrastructural investments like building a warehouse; purchasing trucks for transportation services; tracking technologies; staff; and even huge insurance deposits to insure all of the supply chain infrastructure that is required. On the bright side, you can use these savings to take care of some other principal goals that you have set aside for your business.

5. Widens Your Market Reach and Grows Your Business

Because you are able to save costs, you will be able to grow your business opportunities to a larger extent by utilizing 3PL logistics. You have to realize that partnering with a 3PL grants you the ability to expand your market reach, explore and put to good use the resources that you thought you would never be able to possess. This would result in a significant increase in your organization’s productivity.

Bottom Line

Since part of every business’s goals is to make consumers happy and satisfied, then assuredly, with all that has been stated above, making use of 3PL logistics is a successful avenue to achieving that. In effect, making use of a 3PL will produce on-time deliveries, improved services, accessible customer care services, and reliability on your brand name. This will ultimately result in a greater retention of your customers. 

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