You no longer have to manage your business from a spreadsheet or with an antiquated system.

eFactory Cloud Solutions

With eFactory Cloud Solutions, all of the activities in DCL Logistics warehouses can be controlled, managed, and analyzed from your laptop or mobile device. eFactory has a host of comprehensive operational data including inventory, fulfillment, and returns, alll of which can be either exported in raw form or by running pre-defined reports.

eFactory also acts as a project management tool allowing you to log and track open items, post files, or administer the login credentials of all your eFactory users globally.

There are other extensions of eFactory that can be added as needed. ReturnTrak is DCL Logistics' proprietary returns management application that is tightly integrated with our work flow and empowers you to generate return authorizations and manage your entire returns program and its effectiveness. EDI Central provides visibility into your multiple retailer connections and historical shipping data. Finally, Orderpoints allows you to manually enter shipping orders directly into the system.