Introducing the eFactory Mobile App

DCL Logistics brings your logistics analytics and intelligence to your mobile device


View orders based on their status:  Completed (orders shipped), Processing, On-Hold, and Back Orders.


Manage all your products and view inventory levels at each fulfillment center, including details for back ordered products.


Get detailed reports on customer returns.

Make Decisions on the Go with eFactory

The eFactory mobile app provides real-time data of your orders and inventory so you can make smarter, faster decisions for your business 

Order Snapshot

Summary of the day's order activity, including orders received and orders shipped. 

Order Searches

Find orders quickly with the the Order Search bar.


Quickly reference inventory levels for any item and drill down to see specific item information.


A listing of all your RMAs and their stages.

eFactory mobile is only available for DCL Logistics customers and eFactory users

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