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How Crypto-Hardware Company MNTD. Keeps Customers Satisfied with Fast Delivery

MNTD. high-quality products got to expectant customers quickly due to DCL's premium fulfillment support.

MNTD., a crypto-hardware company, believes in the importance of excellent customer experience—throughout all aspects of the buyer journey. This hottest, new entrant in the cryptocurrency space is on a mission to provide easy-to-use (very eye-catching and Instagrammabe!) crypto-mining products to consumers. Yes, the goal is to get anyone to start crypto-mining in a matter of minutes!

RAKwireless, MNTD.’s parent company, is a pioneer in end-to-end solutions for LoRaWAN® and IoT technology. It initially sold crypto devices for commercial uses through indirect channels, mainly its business-to-business distributors.

To create a frictionless experience for its direct-to-consumer model, MNTD. needed a new logistics, fulfillment, and international shipping provider. MNTD. hired DCL Logistics to ensure it could meet its goal of quick and accurate shipping while keeping customers happy.

Ecommerce Case Study: MNTD.

  • Problem: MNTD. needed a reliable 3PL to help ship their sought after crypto mining products. They needed a fast ramp up and guaranteed quick fulfillment to meet the very high expectations of their consumers. MNTD.’s presale was sold out within minutes!
  • Solution: DCL Logistics has decades of experience fulfilling premium products for customers with high expectations. They leveraged their expertise and quality standards to ensure MNTD. products got to customers quickly and accurately.
  • Result: MNTD. was able to scale their shipping model to many countries internationally and bring crypto mining to a wider audience than originally expected.
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High-Velocity Products Requires Speedy and High-Quality Fulfillment

The crypto industry is notoriously critical of its ecosystem players, services, and security of offerings. The expectations are “through the roof.” MNTD. makes premium products–MNTD. hotspot miners have more capacity than most mining hardware, plus they look really good doing it. This is why MNTD. knew that its high-quality products deserved top-notch fulfillment and delivery to match.

We told DCL that our product has a lot of demand and a very small margin for mistakes. We needed someone who knew what they were doing. Our very first deployment as a company was over 6K units that sold out in 10 minutes. DCL had them all shipped out very quickly.

Roy de Geest MNTD. Director

Fast delivery needed to be there from the start for MNTD. Roy explains, “Our number one goal was to have our products delivered quickly. Because, before, people were always on waiting lists. But now we could ensure they would get it the next day, or at least a few days later.”

Quality fulfillment means more than just speed. Being in an extremely competitive space means that any slight mistake in shipping products could result in bad reviews and lost customers. Getting the packaging right is so important for branding but also for product security.

“We have an expensive product,” Roy adds. “I think we made a good choice in our packing materials. We needed to make sure everything was secure because you never know how the carriers will treat the packages, you know.”

Scaling to Serve International Customers

MNTD. is a truly global operation. The company is based in Singapore, with employees in China, but it serves customers in the US, Canada, Australia, Europe, and the UK.

While its big launch was in the US, MNTD. knew quickly it needed to scale up to serve more customers in other countries as well.

“We’re happy we are working with DCL because I think another less stable 3PL wouldn’t have given us the performance we’ve seen or the platform that DCL has,” Roy explains. “Without DCL, I don’t think we would have had as much confidence to expand shipping to other countries.”

DCL’s integration with international shipper Passport also made it easier and simpler for MNTD. to launch products in new countries quickly.

Roy says, “After we successfully shipped to Canada and other places, we are now using Passport to ship to South America, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, those countries. It’s going well. And it’s so much smoother than if we tried to do it ourselves.”

eFactory and Automation Allow MNTD. to Scale Quickly

MNTD. was formed in July 2021. It officially launched and started shipping products in October of the same year. When you ask them about scaling, the company leaders understand what it means to get big quick.

The number one way MNTD. has been able to grow quickly and successfully is through automation, and that made possible by DCL’s eFactory platform.

Roy explains, “The DCL platform is hands down the best. I use it as my reference point because it works so well. We can see the exact stages of orders and there is almost no communication necessary with the fulfillment team, except for special projects or issues.” eFactory’s capabilities are especially helpful for teams that are global in nature. MNTD.’s team in China can see real-time updates on all the fulfillment that’s happening in the US.

“When everything is automated it means you can scale,” Roy continues. “A small run that goes smoothly, with automation means it will work for thousands of orders. I knew the moment I saw that everything was automated, I was quite confident that our logistics would be okay. And it has been very smooth. We’re quite happy with it.”

About MNTD

MNTD. is a brand created by RAKwireless solely focused on making crypto-hardware accessible to everyday people. The Singapore-based company is on a mission to democratize crypto-currency-related hardware and mining for the everyday people who want to earn crypto but haven’t or don’t want to learn the complex technicalities to operate them.

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