Top 4 Features of eFactory, According to DCL Logistics Customers

eFactory is DCL Logistics’ inventory and fulfillment software. But it’s more than just a platform to track orders from point A to point B. We source customer feedback quarterly and make direct improvements to our tool based on the needs of our customers and the industry at large. From EDI integrations, to RMA tracking, real-time data updates, shipping calculations, and freight support—we’ve built a truly comprehensive platform where customers can control operations from their fingertips, from anywhere in the world. 

Read what our customers say about eFactory, and the best aspects of the tool according to the people who use it every day of the year. 

“We wanted DCL because they are technology leaning, technology focused, and their tools made our lives easier.”  

Inder Singh CEO at Kinsa

A Comprehensive Command Center

DCL is a modern 3PL, deeply rooted in Silicon Valley, and technology is part of our DNA. We know that this industry requires the cooperation and facilitation of many parties working together. We built eFactory to help streamline those cross-conversations by pulling them all into one easy-to-use platform. Our goal is to make logistics hassle-free, and that starts with our fulfillment platform. 

“With DCL everything is simplified, it’s a truly comprehensive solution. It’s clear that over the years DCL has implemented a lot of technical solutions. Our EDI connects everything: RMA and reverse logistics, our API, our website bridges with Amazon. This is what I call comprehensive—it actually covers all our needs. By comparing what we had before, it’s day and night.” 

Sam Hickmann CEO at JOY

eFactory allows many systems to be automated, which creates time efficiencies and increases operational accuracy. For high-growth brands, building out their products and getting into new sales channels, it’s important that we make the administrative tasks smooth for them. 

“A good tool like eFactory is especially helpful for a startup, because we don’t have a big team just for order management. It’s a very impressive tool, and very easy to integrate. eFactory always gives us what we need, it was a big factor in our decision to partner with DCL.” 

Jeff Hoever Head of Operations at Skydio 

“I’ve been very pleased with eFactory, in terms of its ease of use. It’s a user friendly tool, and it’s the way I would expect logistics to work in this day and age. There haven’t been many times when I’ve needed some information and not been able to find it in eFactory.” 

Jens Voges COO at Gate Labs

Reports & Analytics 

eFactory is built by operators, for operators. We know how important it is to have accurate data and easy-to-use analytics for inventory forecasting, shipping optimization, and general daily reporting. Over the years, we have continually added new reports to our platform. 

“eFactory is one of the most complete warehouse management solutions I’ve been given by a 3PL partner. It gives me full, real-time visibility of my own inventory and allows me to pull any data I could want for my offline analytics needs.” 

Johnny Shi Essential

At DCL we are in the business of helping our customers grow. We know it’s important to always be optimizing for efficiencies, and proactively forecasting to ensure all processes aren’t causing extra fees or delays. Through eFactory data analytics, customers can calculate shipping costs, manage inventory levels for optimal warehouse use, and compare time periods to track the evolution of their business. Customers use eFactory to plan distributed inventory strategies, carrier changes, and more.

“In eFactory, I can see all the states that we’re shipping to, the volume of shipping, to understand where everything is going. It allows me to weigh all of things: do I need to offer air shipping, do I need to do two day, one day—down to that granular level of detail.”  

Andrew Turner VP of Sales, Arccos

From Your Fingertips, From Anywhere

eFactory is truly a modern tool. It can be used from anywhere in the world, on any of your devices. Our customers love that their supply chain command center is at their fingertips anywhere they go. Customers have complete control over how their own teams are using the platform, who has access, and what they have access to.

“The DCL customer portal eFactory is extraordinary to say the least. One of the most integrated, comprehensive, and user friendly 3PL order and inventory management tools I’ve seen! Now on a very nice mobile app as well.”  

Tim Poland TrackR

Complete RMA Management

eFactory makes it easy to track orders. But we help customers through the toughest part of order management: RMA and returns tracking. 

Customers can easily process and follow a return, the same way they can follow an order, from origin to destination. Through eFactory, customers can see where a package is in transit, when it left their customer’s address, when it’s delivered to the warehouse, and what the status is after that. 

“ReturnTrack is fantastic. Being able to make the returns process automatic, it helps me not having to worry about it, but it also helps customer support. Because it makes their life automatic and easier. Consequently it also helps our customers, since customer support is that much more efficient. It just helps, eFactory in itself.” 

Simon Tadeu Operations and Logistics Manager at Bond Touch

ReturnTrak can also complement your customer service strategy by easily integrating with existing customer service workflows, including customer service software like Zendesk, to ensure that your team has complete control of the returns process. As a result, you remove a lot of the manual transactions for faster response times and your end-customer has complete visibility when their items are returned or replaced. Transparency of information is so important for great customer service, most consumers expect it these days. eFactory is a tool that can easily integrate and help provide service to your end-customers. 

“For me, having a robust system in place that can integrate with all the different partners, that can provide all the reporting, that can automate the returns process, is so valuable. The many things that DCL does for us—all of it is critical that it is done through a web portal in an automated way. That’s my number one.” 

Jens Voges COO at Gate Labs

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