The Top Online Marketplaces Global Brands Should Consider Selling On

While studies show that many consumers still prefer to shop in person, online shopping is growing in popularity year-over-year. In 2022 global ecommerce sales are expected to hit $5.5 trillion. A large portion of this is driven by online marketplaces.  

Online marketplaces are websites and mobile platforms that serve consumers products from many different sellers. They act as a singular shopping experience for buyers to purchase a wide variety of products with just one cart, one checkout, and one shipping invoice. They date back to the early internet but have grown in popularity in recent years as online shopping has become more of a normal for people (heightened by the COVID stay-at-home protocols).  

Inherent in the online marketplace model, sellers need to be savvy about marketing their products because these platforms are basically virtual stores. Sellers have to remain competitive (through pricing, deals, compelling images and descriptions) because their products are often placed next to similar products and brands—just like they would be on a retail shelf.  

Here are the top globally top ranked marketplaces and how to get your products listed on each one.