What Causes Shipping Delays and How to Avoid Them?

The most common customer complaints are late or missed deliveries. While it’s ultimately up to your shipping carrier to deliver packages in the time they promise, your customers see it as your responsibility as the brand. Don’t let shipping delays ruin your brand reputation.  

There are many potential causes for shipping delays, some that you can mitigate and some that will happen no matter what.  

Here are a few major causes of shipping delays and how to avoid them when possible.  

Extreme Weather

Any major weather system that affects road conditions will negatively impact deliveries. The same can be said for weather related issues in international shipping—airplane delays, shipping container delays, port congestion, and more.  

While weather will happen no matter what, the proactive thing to do is to communicate clearly to your customers in the case of inclement weather that may affect shipping transit times. This is particularly important if you ship products anywhere that commonly experiences extreme weather—snow and cold in Canada, for example.  

Most weather-related delays will be published by the carriers on a dedicated alert page. Here are two examples: