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At DCL Logistics, we recognize our employees as our most important asset. In our new blog series, Spotlight, we’ll feature various DCL Logistics employees. You’ll get to know them a bit, as well as their role within the company, and get their take on the ever evolving 3PL industry. Follow along as we introduce the dedicated people whose daily efforts make our company a recognized leader in supply chain and logistics.

With 20 years of experience at DCL Logistics and seven years in retail management customer support, Rocky Eng has long thrived in a collaborative environment. As Customer Support Manager for the Silicon Valley office, Rocky has focused on being a lead mentor to his team of account managers. Earning his master’s degree in 21st Century Leadership from Saint Mary’s College, Rocky’s management style encourages individuality and collaboration.

“I see myself in this role as a leader versus a manager. A manager passes policy onto a group whereas with a leader there’s more mentoring and coaching, letting them make decisions and helping when needed,” Rocky said. “In a melting pot, people lose individuality, but with my management style, each person maintains individuality while contributing,”

Since moving to the Customer Support Manager role, one of Rocky’s main goals was to increase customer satisfaction amongst DCL’s client base. In a period of just six months, Rocky was able to increase customer satisfaction from a 75% to a 97% approval rating. The seed of this success stems from Rocky’s communication style paired with his problem solving methods.

“We were able to change the way we communicated both externally and internally,” Rocky said. “Instead of saying ‘no’ to the customer, I think it’s important to communicate to the customer that something can be done; there are always realistic alternative solutions around any problem. Internally, it’s partnering with operations and thinking through problems and all possible solutions instead of just giving up.”

Recent Projects

In 2016, Rocky assisted DCL Print Solutions with migrating the division to the parent company’s Oracle ERP system. Rocky says this inventory system will give the company and its clients more efficiency, standardization and scalability. Rocky, having knowledge of both systems, played an integral role in training the staff to use Oracle. He worked closely with the technology department to get the ERP system live. The migration of both DCL Logistics and DCL Print Solutions onto one singular platform will not only provide account management and operational synergies, but also sales synergies when selling both print and fulfillment services to a single client.

Shifts in the Industry

DCL Logistics’ efficiency and customer service are points of pride for Rocky, who says he is optimistic for the future of the company. Over the years he has seen the company successfully keep pace with industry trends and eventually transition from a mainly software-focused business to an e-commerce service company.

“DCL used to be DisCopyLabs, a company providing replication, assembly and turnkey services,” Rocky said. Most software is now downloadable, so we have pivoted with the needs of the market and now provide e-commerce distribution and related services for many startups and other emerging brands. The one thing that hasn’t changed, however, is the need to provide a customer centric experience to the client. We are still in the service business after all!”

Claim to Fame

Print vendors might be a dime a dozen but Rocky says DCL Print Solutions stands apart in a couple of key areas. For one, DCL Print Solutions partners with DCL Logistics, making it possible to not only warehouse product, but also have branded boxes and print materials created, packed and then shipped all under one collective roof.

“DCL Logistics can partner with DCLPS to print any type of item from quick start guides and custom labels to sales brochures and posters. For other customers, DCLPS will source marketing items: brochures, pens, T-shirts, swag, and trade show booth kits – anything a marketing organization needs,” Rocky said.

The days of printing tens of thousands of brochures at a time is a thing of the past. DCLPS gives customers the ability to order only as many print items as needed. They can go to the website and print just 10 items, for example, at a fast turnaround – virtually print on demand.

Just for Fun

Not one to shy away from a challenge, Rocky seems to enjoy mixing hard work with play. For 20 years, he was a stellar softball teammate. He has also participated in multiple marathons and half marathons, raising money for lymphoma and leukemia. When he’s not breaking a sweat, Rocky and his wife, Monica, take their 6-year-old son to his own active play, such as tae-kwon-do and T-ball. The family also sail the high seas on vacation and like to visit Disneyland.

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