Meet Mannix De Leon, Director of Operations


Meeting the evolving needs of customers, moving hundreds of thousands of units from one warehouse to another, ensuring the company culture is upheld … it’s all in a day’s work for DCL Operations Director Mannix DeLeon.

While DCL Logistics has been his first venture into 3PL, Mannix has worked in the distribution and fulfillment industry for more than 21 years. This experience undoubtedly positioned him to seamlessly evaluate the efficiency of DCL’s operations, and ongoingly meet organizational objectives, all while keeping pace with customer needs.

In 2016, Mannix helped to convert 75 percent of DCL’s Ontario warehouse, racking from conventional wide aisles to narrow aisles. The project ended up increasing DCL’s warehouse pallet capacity, within the existing warehouse footprint, by 25 percent. Meanwhile, and also in 2016, Mannix and team transitioned a major account from DCL’s Fremont (Kato and Milmont) facilities to the Ontario warehouse. Relocating 450,000 units (2,600 pallets) ended up providing DCL with organizational agility and flexibility.

“DCL has time-tested, proven processes we are sensitive to, and we understand the ‘uniqueness’ of our customers,” Mannix said. “We’re are agile and willing to adjust our processes to meet their needs. We truly live our Core Value of ‘do it now’ and ‘get it done,’ understanding that speed and customer service are competitive advantages. It’s not uncommon to see a manager working the lines, driving equipment or putting packages in the company car to deliver to the nearest FedEx station just to make sure we stand behind our service level agreement.”

According to Mannix, the advent of ecommerce and the subsequent, slow and painful death of the “brick and mortar” business model has, more than any time in history, necessitated the need for the Supply Chain Solution that DCL offers.

“This generation’s Entrepreneurs are starting their businesses at a much younger age and although they are savvy about their products, their success is highly dependent on a supply chain solution that bests fit their needs.”

When Mannix isn’t directing employees and keeping an eye on DCL’s operations, he can be found watching a Lakers game, enjoying a good movie and of course spending quality time with his family.

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