DCL Logistics’ Expands to Louisville KY with a 163,000sq ft New Fulfillment Facility


Louisville, Kentucky, July 25, 2019—DCL Logistics, a West Coast-based ecommerce, B2B, and multi-channel fulfillment and logistics expert, held the grand opening of their seventh and largest fulfillment center in Louisville Kentucky. In attendance with the DCL leadership and operations teams were: Alex Mercer, Louisville Economic Development Manager, from the office of Mayor Greg Fischer; Terri Weber, Investor Relations Manager, Chamber of Commerce, Greater Louisville Inc.

Situated in one of the biggest shipping hubs in the US, the Louisville facility is DCL’s first outside of California. This is an important expansion for the West Coast-based logistics provider because more than 70% of the US population is east of the Mississippi. The two-thirds of DCL clients who ship to the East Coast will now be supported with faster transit times and lower transportation costs. The new building is a 163,000 square facility with 25 dock doors, 375 kWh solar system, and a temperature control room, plus the team is looking into robotics to support more automated fulfillment.

“We are excited that DCL Logistics has planted roots in Louisville with its new facility and look forward to its continued growth and success. Louisville is proud to be a major logistics hub where businesses can enjoy a low cost of doing business, realize faster delivery times, and benefit from the wealth of other distribution-focused companies already located here.”

Greg Fischer Mayor of Louisville

This expansion project started in 2013, and was born out of a need to support customers shipping to the East Coast. Norman Tu, CEO, and Dave Tu, President, evaluated many cities in the South, Midwest, and Northeast. They chose Louisville for many reasons, namely that it is within close proximity to many regions of the country. After leasing a facility for three years, DCL purchased 14 acres of land to build our own facility. By owning the land, DCL has greater flexibility to provide customized logistics support to it’s world-renowned and reputable clients.

By building our own building in Louisville, it’s a statement that we are committed to being here for a long time. When our customers grow and thrive, we do too. DCL Logistics is excited about our future in Kentucky.”

Norman Tu CEO of DCL Logistics 

DCL Ships First Order September 3

On September 3rd, 2014, DCL officially shipped their first order out of their Louisville, Kentucky facility.

Many of DCL’s current customers will split inventory between DCL’s California and Kentucky warehouses. Orders are sent to a single central location and DCL’s optimization technology determines the ideal location to route the order based on lowest zone and fastest delivery time.

“We are excited for this milestone, and we are just beginning our fulfillment expansion plan. Customers’ expectations on transit lead-times are now quicker than ever and we needed a location to complement our existing California warehouses. We believe that our Kentucky warehouse is ideally located near the major carrier hubs and centrally located in the US, which is optimal for ecommerce fulfillment.”

Dave Tu President of DCL

Multiple fulfillment warehouses save money by reducing high-zone, more costly shipments. DCL’s bi-coastal locations will offer less costly ground shipping while still meeting 2 day delivery goals. Our strategic locations allow customers to reach 90% of their US customers within 2 business days using economical ground shipment. Customer orders will be sent to a single central location and DCL’s optimization technology will determine the ideal location to route the order based on lowest zone and fastest delivery time.

There are many benefits to working with a third party logistics company (3PL), if you are seeking logistics support we’d love to hear from you. You can read DCL’s list of services to learn more, or check out the many companies we work with to ensure great logistics support. Send us a note to connect about how we can help your company grow.

About DCL Logistics

Founded in 1982, DCL Logistics supports high growth brands by offering turnkey fulfillment and logistics services. We focus on customer service, quality, and technology to ensure we provide our clients hassle-free logistics experience.  

To learn more about our new facility: https://dclcorp.com/blog/news/dcl-louisville/