DCL Logistics Expands to Europe


With the increase in volume demand in Europe, DCL Logistics has expanded its fulfillment centers to now include Holland. Strategically located in Rotterdam, the largest port in Europe, DCL Logistics is able to provide reliable and on-time delivery to our European customers through our new European fulfillment center. DCL’s order routing technology will auto-direct orders to the European facility allowing customers to work with one order management system.
“After a thorough selection process, we chose an emerging European fulfillment partner who shared our values: “technology-focused, agile and customer centric,” said Mike Schneider, VP of Operations of DCL Logistics. “The new facility is perfect for anyone growing there ecommerce channel. It’s impressively equipped with a state-of-the-art goods to person automated picking system and the fulfillment center take orders until 11 PM.”

With a presence in the heart of Europe, DCL is now able to provide the quickest transit delivery times and competitive parcel costs to the biggest ecommerce market outside of the US.

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