Customer Spotlight: Shout! Factory Revives the Shows We Love


What are your favorite TV shows and films? We all have favorites that, to us, are legendary. The entertainment company, Shout! Factory, has built a name for itself by revitalizing pop culture entertainment: “the stuff you grew up on but never outgrew.”

The brand has released and revived many beloved cult films and classic TV series including the highly acclaimed TV show Freaks And Geeks, as well as the cult classic TV show Mystery Science Theater 3000, to name just a couple. The company sells Blu-ray and DVDs on its website, but what sets the products apart are the value-adds: fan flair.

High Touch Support Means Quick Shipping for Specialized Products

“With the Shout! Factory website we offer something people can’t get anywhere else,” said Kathy Callahan, Vice President of Digital Marketing at Shout! Factory. “We make exclusive add-ons to go with many of our products, such as a great DVD cover turned into a poster. These add-ons with purchase can also include collectible figures and bonus discs.”

DCL Logistics gets Shout! Factory’s specialized products to customers quickly and accurately, boosting overall customer satisfaction“We ship what they can’t get anywhere else, and we ship it a little sooner than anyone else,” Callahan said. 

Callahan describes DCL’s handling of Shout! products as high volume, high margin, and high touch. “Our orders require an attention to detail that we’re not going to get from our other distribution centers,” she said.

Great Communication and Modern Tech Gives Brands Peace of Mind

Callahan says DCL keeps an open line of communication, with frequent phone calls, emails and a monthly conference callan open, supportive partnership. But perhaps her favorite aspects of working with DCL Logistics are the peace of mind and technology at her disposal.

“We visited several distribution centers and DCL’s process was leaps and bounds ahead of the previous solution we had for the Shout! website,” Callahan said. “The physical tech, cleanliness, and security at DCL were impressive. We also like having a dashboard that tells us what we have and when it shipped. Other companies didn’t have the sophisticated tech to let us know what was going on without us being in the physical space.”

So what does the future hold for Shout! Factory? Callahan says the company continues to acquire libraries and new films. Since Shout! is shifting towards becoming an independent film and TV studio, there’s a high probability of having more exclusive merchandise in the future. As she looks ahead, Callahan says she envisions that DCL Logistics will grow alongside of Shout! and continue to adapt to and meet Shout! Factory’s fulfillment needs.

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