Customer Spotlight: iOgrapher Puts Filmmaking in Everyone’s Hands


Due to high resolution smartphone cameras and DSLR cameras with HD filming capabilities, filmmaking is now more accessible than ever. When high school film and media teacher David Basulto didn’t have enough cameras for students, he improvised and let them use their iPhones and iPads to film their projects. The work had great potential, but the images were shaky and the audio and lighting were horrible.
Basulto, a former Hollywood actor, filmmaker and producer, began to craft the idea of a stabilizing case that would hold an iPad or iPhone. With a 3D print design and the help of an engineer, iOgrapher was born.


The Product

The iOgrapher Filmmaking Case has handles on both sides for smooth handheld filming. It mounts to any standard tripod and allows room for a microphone, external lights and lenses.

Amelia Neverman, Director of Sales at iOgrapher, says film crews at news stations among other professionals use the case on the job.

“Our filmmaking case is innovative, new and affordable,” she said. “You can get a bundle for your school and start a TV station for $200 or less. You can get a good quality mic for $50 and do on-the-go shooting and live streaming. You can get people learning how to do filming on the go and edit now on your phone, starting from the beginning and putting it out into the world all in one day.”

iOgrapher began with one product for the iPad Mini and now has 20 products, including filmmaking cases for a range of iPhones and iPads, travel cases, mounts and other accessories. And, rounding out their offerings, they also re-sell 100 related products from other vendors.

Having grown to this degree in just three years, there were bound to be some hiccups along the way.

Growing Pains

“We’re a very small team,” Neverman said. “There has been a lot of trial and error and we have had a lot of growing pains for sure. Learning about logistics, shipping, timelines and all of that was critical. (Before finding DCL Logistics) we were working with an online fulfillment center and had a lot of problems. As we were growing and things were getting a lot busier, the fulfillment center was sending other vendors’ products to our clients. One time they shipped adult items to a school and another time they sent medical devices.”

The team at iOgrapher knew it was time to switch to a company that could keep up with the demand and so they started working with DCL Logistics around the holiday season.

“The previous company wasn’t up to our standards, “ Neverman said. “DCL did a great job of getting all of our products into the right hands. It was stressful to make the switch during the holidays but it was a successful holiday season. We really appreciated being able to contact someone directly instead of getting the runaround like we had with the other fulfillment company.”


Future Plans

iOgrapher currently has plans to create a universal filmmaking case for all versions of iPhone, as well as one that accommodates Android phones. Meanwhile Basulto continues to teach. However, these days he teaches customers smartphone filmmaking tricks, and various ways to use iOgrapher products, via social media and the company blog.

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