Understanding Lot Tracking and Lot Control

Every ecommerce business knows that the bigger your brand gets the harder it is to strategically manage and track inventory. Adding more products, SKUs, retail channels, and distributing inventory across multiple warehouses, can all add extra layers of challenge to your inventory planning and tracking.   

One inventory management method that all ecommerce brands can benefit from is lot control, also known as lot tracking.  

What is Lot Control? 

Lot control is a simple system of tracking inventory that groups products by their date of origin. Depending on the types of products, or the way they need to be stored, each lot may be determined by an expiration date, or date when they arrived at the warehouse.    

This method of inventory storage is useful for tracking—lot control ensures every piece of inventory is accounted for and can be traced back to its origin.  

While the concept of batching products into lots is simple, when operating a large warehouse of many products, SKUs and lots, tracking can prove difficult.