The Benefits of Setting up Customer Email Notifications in Shopify

Shopify is an invaluable tool for small to mid sized ecommerce companies. It makes setting up an online shop simple, quick, and easy. 

How to Customize Shopify Email Notifications for Customers 

One very overlooked tool that Shopify provides is customizable email notifications for customers. These days with Amazon, consumers hold the expectation that products are going to get to them as soon as possible, and that they will be able to track the status of their order, from fulfillment to delivery. 

Shopify has tools that allow sellers to compete with Amazon in this way. There are a total of 16 customer email notifications that Shopify allows you to create and customize. Some of the most notable emails include: 

  • Order confirmation. 
  • Order processed.
  • Order shipment confirmation.
  • Out for delivery. 
  • Delivery confirmation.

Many startups with limited resources might think it’s not worth their time to worry with any of these email notifications. It is very much worth the time. Here are some of the major benefits Shopify sellers get from customizing their customer notifications.

Reduce Friction for the Customer and the Support Team 

Support teams deal with lots of customer complaints and questions, but the most common are: “Where is my product?” and “When is my product going to get here?” By setting up the right email notifications, customers will have exactly the information they need sent to them automatically. There’s no more need for customers to inquire about simple things. These emails can boost customer satisfaction. Plus the brand has flexibility to communicate with customers when and how it works best for them. The support team will have more bandwidth to focus on other projects without being bombarded by the same simple questions.

Proactive Marketing and Support

One tactic to employ when using Shopify customer notifications is to get ahead of any set up issues that customers may have by including helpful unboxing support. The day that the product is going to be delivered you can ensure your customer has a tutorial for easy device setup. You can include rich media like video or images that help alleviate any common questions the customer may have or help they may need. Everyone gets the information they need right when they need it. 

It’s important to support your Shopify store with the right fulfillment service that fits your brand. Having quality fulfillment can be a huge boost for your customer satisfaction.

Boost Your Brand 

If you’re a startup, any branding or customization can make your brand feel bigger. With these automated emails, your company will feel more like a big, polished brand. This means you can provide a better customer experience, which in turn reduces contact inbound volumes and leads to return business.

Tips for Customizing Shopify Emails 

The best way to approach this type of customization is to align all messaging with your brand. It’s important to keep these applicable to the product that people are receiving. 

There are so many functions you can include. Be sure you test them all out before pushing them live. At DCL we have our own test store that IT uses to ensure everything works perfectly before implementing new features on a live store. 

Another big pitfall companies make is not listening to what their customers say. The content of your notifications has to actually provide value. To do that, get really specific, and tailor the information to your customers’ needs. If you’re not doing that then you might end up getting more complaints due to over communicating unnecessary information. 

Shopify has some great resources that can help you through creating emails that feel right for your brand, including lots of pre-built templates


If you are a growing brand and are seeking fulfillment support that will connects with your Shopify platform, reach out for a quote. DCL Logistics has a simple plug-in to connect your online sales with our inventory and warehouse management systems.