Creative Ideas for Product Bundling That Will Help Drive Sales

For high-growth brands, it’s crucial to stay ahead of consumer attention—the ability to quickly and easily bundle together products can be a game-changer and a great tool for growth. 

Ecommerce businesses with a direct-to-consumer (DTC) focus need creative ways to drive sales. Bundling products together is a great way to generate revenue, keep your product mix fresh for new and existing customers, and move slower selling inventory out of stock. Brands that have seasonal demand will benefit from an extra boost in order volume during already peak sales cycles. 

Here are some creative ways to generate new versions of product bundles.  

What are Virtual Bundles? 

There’s a big difference between traditional product bundles and virtual bundles.  

Making product bundles used to be a difficult process operationally. It requires pre-kitting all orders before releasing them—this meant a long lead time and extra storage costs. If consumer needs or trends changed after your bundles were assembled, you would be stuck with capital to get tied up in unmoving inventory. 

Virtual bundles are programmed through a fulfillment software program and assembled in real-time. This creates flexibility and greater opportunity for order customization. Your team can quickly program new versions of product bundles and fulfill them as requested.  

Bundles give consumers a perception of saving and can increase average order value, naturally boosting a brand’s revenue. One of the biggest benefits of virtual bundles is you don’t have to commit to one type of bundle. You can test and iterate which bundles work best for your brand goals. 

Creative Ways to Bundle Products for Maximum Customer Satisfaction 

Here are some innovative ways for high-growth ecommerce businesses to bundle products.  

Make It Seasonal  

Seasonality can play a significant role in the success of your virtual bundles. Capitalizing on holidays, events, or changing weather can help you create bundles that relate directly to the customer’s needs within that period.  

Themed Bundles   

Create an experience for your customers by offering themed bundles. This will vary depending on the type of products you sell—a weekend retreat bundle may focus on items that help rest or relax, a party bundle might be more about brightness, activity, or sharing with friends. These themes can help your customers envision how to use bundled products, which increases the appeal.