The Impact of Counterfeiting and a Cost-Effective Solution to Protect Your Business


Counterfeiting has been around for centuries, but with the increasing popularity and access to online shops and e-commerce platforms, a new level of counterfeiting and piracy is steadily on the rise. Online thieves, counterfeiters, and rogue factories, are not just creating copies of products, they are stealing patents, trademarks and ideas.

The impact of counterfeiters is climbing higher than ever since many consumers find it acceptable to opt for cheaper alternatives that “look exactly like the original.” Counterfeit products pose a threat to public safety and health, while destroying businesses through tarnished consumer trust, decreased brand value and lost profits. Additionally, high-traffic online marketplaces provide counterfeiters a platform to sell their counterfeit products anywhere in the world making the problem more widespread and difficult to police.

For growing companies, counterfeiting is one of the most severe problems a business can face. It inhibits development and damages innovation that is crucial to a business’s welfare and growth. It dulls reasons to invest or innovate, and thousands of hours and  intellectual capital are wasted and violated. The only solutions that exist today are filing lawsuits which result in high legal fees, and waiting years for due process.

Many of DCL Logistics’ clients manufacture and sell consumer technology products and experience firsthand how counterfeiting adversely impacts their business. DCL Logistics has partnered with IP Shark (, a new revolutionary technology that can finally defend companies against counterfeit products, MAP pricing violations, and misused intellectual property, while being affordable, transparent, and simple to use. This solution will not only help businesses automate the protection of their IP and brand’s integrity, but more importantly ensure the consumers’ safety and loyalty by enabling better purchasing decisions.  If you are interested, please get in touch in with us for more details.

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