Shipping Costs – A Crucial Factor in Successful Product Delivery


Your customer has just made their product choice on your website and is ready to checkout and pay. There’s only one final hurdle before the order is placed – shipping costs!  This is definitely not the time you want your customer to “abandon” the shopping cart.  Unfortunately, it’s a known fact that customers are examining shipping costs more closely than ever…and these costs do affect their buying decision.

That’s precisely why reduced freight costs should also be a top priority offered when selecting a fulfillment service company. Finding a fulfillment partner with exceptional negotiated national contracts with major carriers, and who can provide lower cost packages and bulk freight services for your domestic and international shipments is key.  A company with large annual package volume can offer substantial discounts off book rates; and are able to pass along significant discounts to their customers.  These discounts meet or exceed any pricing that customers might receive independently.

You should expect to receive exact freight costing and a traceable way for reconciliation since the freight cost is attached to each shipment. In addition, the administration burden and cost of reconciling a carrier’s weekly bill should be gone forever. With a fulfillment partner who maintains volume agreements with multiple carriers you are protected from any unexpected interruptions in service from a single carrier.

DCL’s past freight experience allows us to analyze your specific shipping profile and recommend optimum service levels – recommendations that align with your business objectives and keep your shipping costs down.

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