DCL Announces New East Coast Facility to Open Q2 2014


DCL announced today that it will open an East Coast facility in second quarter 2014 to better serve its customers.

The addition of this new East Coast facility will complement DCL’s two West Coast fulfillment centers and will provide our customers with quicker delivery with lower shipping costs.

In announcing the expansion, Senior Vice President Dave Tu observed, “In today’s fast-paced ecommerce environment, everyone recognizes the importance of speed of delivery to the end user. Consumers want their purchases delivered as quickly as possible and at a minimum cost. With both a West and East Coast fulfillment and warehouse facility we can now better meet those needs.”

Shipping costs have become an increasing part of product costs. Multiple fulfillment warehouses save money by reducing high-zone, more costly shipments. DCL’s bi-coastal locations will offer less costly ground shipping while still meeting 2 day delivery goals. Our strategic locations allow customers to reach 80% of their US customers within 2 business days using economical ground shipment.

Customer orders are sent to a single central location and destination shipping software determines the optimum location to route the order. DCL’s proprietary eFactory shows real-time inventory and shipments for all locations.

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