Fulfillment with Celery

Celery and DCL Logistics Fulfillment Integration

Celery and DCL Logistics Partnership

Celery Integration Solutions

DCL Logistics provides turnkey technical integrations, fulfillment services, and expertise to work with Celery.

Integrating and maintaining your services with Celery can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. DCL Logistics provides an array of services to setup and manage your Celery fulfillment needs. We provide the technical expertise and fulfillment services to support the Celery platform.  

What is Celery and how does it work?

Celery is an eCommerce platform that enables sellers to capture and manage pre-orders. They’ve worked with thousands of sellers to take pre-orders, crowdfund independently, and to continue selling before and after items are in-stock. They’ve worked with small and large sellers, including Boosted Boards, Pebble, and Lockitron.

Services DCL Logistics provides for Celery Clients

DCL Logistics provides end-to-end integration with the Celery platform to enable order processing, inventory management, and shipping management. DCL Logistics supports and manages all the backend fulfillment services to keep your business humming and your customers happy.

Setting up the DCL Logistics and Celery Integration

Learn more about the DCL Celery Integration or go to TryCelery.com




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